Peary MacMillan Arctic Museum
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Past Exhibitions:

Opening April 18, 2008
To mark the centennial of Robert E. Peary's last expedition in 1908-09, the Arctic Museum mounted a major exhibit that explored Peary's long career in the arctic, with an emphasis on his final attempt to reach the north Pole.
Opening May 29, 2013
In the spring of 1892. Robert E. Peary and Evind Astrup set out to cross the great Greenland ice cap, to become the first Euro-Americans to visit the northernmost coast of Greenland, now known as Peary Land. This is northernmost land on the planet and few people have had the privilege of visiting it. This exhibit features Peary's first photographs of this stark and beautiful landscape, as well as more recent views.
Opening September 15, 2012
Bill Hess, a photographer based in Alaska, has documented the lives of Alaska's Native communities for years. The exhibition features activities of contemporary Alaskan hunters originally featured in Uiñiq, a magazine featuring people and events in the North Slope Bureau, produced by Hess. Sponsored by the Oak Foundation and the Russell and Janet Doubleday Endowment Fund.
Opening February 14, 2012
This exhibition of Rabbi Harry Sky's donated collection of Inuit transformation carvings focuses on the parallels Rabbi Sky sees between his own teachings – that people are constantly changing and transforming themselves as they live their lives – and Inuit carving of human/animal transformations.
Opening November 18, 2010
This exhibition included 86 works carefully selected from a much larger collection donated to the museum by Robert and Judith Toll in 2009. The prints and carvings were made in the past fifty years by artists living in communities across the Canadian Arctic.