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Painting of two eskimos kissing


  • Donald B. MacMillan, Building an Igloo, Copyright Bowdoin College

Collections: Photographs

  • Donald B. MacMillan, Members of Crocker Land Expedition at holiday dinner, Copyright Bowdoin College

Collections: Motion Picture Film

  • Reginald Wilcox, (l-r) Qissuk, Odaq, Robert A. Bartlett and Marie Peary Stafford at the dedication of the Peary Monument, Copyright Bowdoin College

Collections: Historic

  • Albert Operti, Postcard: Robert E. Peary at the North Pole

  • Carl Akeley (camera), David Maschino (image), Akeley Motion Picture Camera, Copyright Bowdoin College

  • Matthew Henson (sledge) Ian White (exhibit),Peary Sledge on exhibit at The Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum, Copyright Bowdoin College

Collections: Aboriginal Art & Crafts

  • Gilbert Hay, Ptarmigan, Copyright, Sculpture: Gilbert Hay Image: Bowdoin College

  • Al Konook, Standing Bear, Copyright, Sculpture: Al Koonook Image: Bowdoin College

Collections Anthropological

  • Iniuit, Woman, Copyright Bowdoin College

  • Inupiat, Caribou, Copyright Bowdoin College

Collections: Anthropological

  • Inupiat (mask) Joseph Kolko (photograph), Mask, Copyright, Bowdoin College

Photograph Use Policy

  • Donald B. MacMillan, Tarko using my [MacMillan’s] Graflex camera, Copyright, Bowdoin College

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  • Donald B. MacMillan, Two Eskimos in Kayaks, Copyright, Bowdoin College

Exhibits: From the Permanent Collection

  • Donald B. MacMillan, Self taking an observation, Copyright, Bowdoin College

Exhibits: The North Pole

  • Various, North Pole Gallery Exhibit Case 5, Copyright, Bowdoin College

Exhibits: Ancient Ice, Cool Science

  • Donald B.MacMillan, At the Face of the Reid Glacier, May, 1924, Copyright, Bowdoin College

Exhibits: Four Years in the White North

  • Donald B. MacMillan, Icefoot, one sledge below Etah, Copyright, Bowdoin College

Exhibits: Arctic Cinema

  • Donald B. MacMillan, MacMillan Party in camp on ice cap, Copyright, Bowdoin College

Exhibits: "I will only tell what I know"

  • Donald B. MacMillan, Eskimo couple, recently married, Copyright, Bowdoin College

Exhibits: Working through the Ice

  • Rutherford Platt, The Bowdoin, northbound, passes an iceberg, Copyright, Bowdoin College

Exhibits: The Cold Front

  • Unknown photographer, Marlene Dietrich, Carl D. Rutledge and Jane Cook, Bluie West 1, Greenland, Circa 1944. Digital print. Gift of Carl D. Rutledge.

    Biographies: Robert Abram Bartlett

    • Bartlett1, Donald B. MacMillan, Copyright, Bowdoin College

    • Bartlett2, Donald B. MacMillan, Robert Peary (l) and Robert Bartlett, Copyright, Bowdoin College

    • Bartlett3, Reginald Wilcox, Robert Bartlett using sextant Copyright, Bowdoin College

    Biographies: The schooner Bowdoin

    • Bowdoin1, Edward K. Morse, Schooner "Bowdoin" under full sail, Copyright, Bowdoin College

    • Bowdoin2, Donald B. MacMillan, "Bowdoin" in winter quarters, Copyright, Bowdoin College

    • Bowdoin3, Donald B. MacMillan, Bowdoin "grounded out", Copyright, Bowdoin College

    • Bowdoin4, Photographer unknown, Schooner "Bowdoin" before reconstruction, moored, Copyright, John D. Rhodes Associates

    • Bowdoin5, Edward K. Morse, Schooner "Bowdoin" Copyright, Bowdoin College

    Biographies: Matthew A. Henson

    • Henson1, Donald B. MacMillan, Matthew Henson, Assistant to Peary… A veteran of Arctic work, in furs, Copyright, Bowdoin College

    • Henson2, Donald B. MacMillan, Copyright, Bowdoin College

    • Henson3, Robert E. Peary Members of the party cheering the Stars and Stripes at the Pole, (l-r) Ooqueah, Ootah, Henson, Egingwah, and Seegloo

    • Henson4, Donald B. MacMillan (l-r) Pres. Eisenhower, Mrs. Henson, Matthew Henson (age 88), Copyright, Bowdoin College

    Biographies: Josephine D. Peary

    • Josephine1, G.W. Buck Josephine Diebitsch, wife of Admiral Robert E. Peary, Copyright, G.W. Buck

    • Josephine2, Mr. and Mrs. R.E. Peary

    • Josephine3, Donald B. MacMillan, Josephine and Marie Peary showing Peary’s American flag, Copyright, Bowdoin College

    Biographies: Donald Baxter MacMillan

    • MacMillan1, Photographer unknown, Donald B. MacMillan in fur suit, between icebergs, Copyright, Bowdoin College

    • MacMillan2, Photographer unknown, Donald MacMillan with Eskimo women and child, by tupik, Copyright, Bowdoin College

    • MacMillan3, Donald B. MacMillan Eskimo children at MacMillan school, Copyright, Bowdoin College

    • MacMillan4, MacMillan using Zenith equipment, Copyright, Zenith

    Biographies: Miriam Look MacMillan

    • Miriam1, Donald B. MacMillan, Miriam and Kahka, Copyright, Bowdoin College

    • Miriam2, Photographer unknown, Miriam and Donald MacMillan with 3 dogs on the "Bowdoin", Copyright, Bowdoin College

    • Miriam3, Donald B. MacMillan, Miriam MacMillan in kayak, Copyright, Bowdoin College

    • Miriam4, Donald B. MacMillan Miriam at wheel, Copyright, Bowdoin College

    Biographies: The Effie M. Morrissey

    • Morrissey1, Reginald Wilcox "Morrissey" sailing in Greenland, Copyright, Bowdoin College

    • Morrissey2, Reginald Wilcox The "Morrissey" meets the ice, Copyright, Bowdoin College

    • Morrissey3, Reginald Wilcox Student (Rupert Bartlett) with pelagic bird specimens, Copyright, Bowdoin College

    • Morrissey4, Reginald Wilcox Two crewmen working with sail, Copyright, Bowdoin College

    Biographies: Robert E. Peary

    • Peary1, Photographer unknown, Robert E. Peary when he began his arctic work

    • Peary2, Photographer unknown, The meteorite "Ahnighito" being lowered into the hold of the "Hope"

    • Peary3, Donald B. MacMillan, Copyright, Bowdoin College

    • Peary4, Photographer unknown, R.E. Peary in furs when he finished his arctic work

    • Peary5, Photographer unknown Eagle Island, Robert E. Peary’s summer home, Copyright, Hugh C. Leighton Co.

    Biographies: The Roosevelt

    • Roosevelt1, Donald B. MacMillan, Copyright, Bowdoin College

    • Roosevelt2, Donald B. MacMillan Copyright, President Roosevelt & Commander Peary bidding good-bye on deck of the Roosevelt, Copyright, Bowdoin College

    • Roosevelt3, Donald B. MacMillan, Roosevelt in the pack, Copyright, Bowdoin College

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