Senior Seminars

Africana Studies senior seminars require students to conduct intensive research on a major topic in Africana Studies that they have explored during the course of their academic experience in the Africana Studies Program. They will require students to apply rigorous humanities or social science theories and concepts to African American, African, or African diaspora themes in the formulation of their final research projects.  These seminars will be offered by core and affiliate faculty members in the Africana Studies Program every semester. Prerequisite: AFRS 1101, an Africana Studies Intermediate Seminar, or permission of Instructor. Africana Studies minors and students who have taken Africana studies courses can also take the Africana Studies senior seminar.

Recent Senior Seminars offered:

AFRS-3001 African-American Literature & Visual Culture Muther
AFRS-3004 African-American Literature & the Law Chakkalakal
AFRS-3011 African American Film Muther
AFRS-3019 The End of Blackness? Foster
AFRS-3140 Research in 19th Century U.S. History Rael
AFRS-3201 Voices of Women, Voices of the People Vete-Congolo
AFRS-3211 Female Marronage and Douboutism in French Caribbean Literature Vete-Congolo
AFRS-3213 Aesthetics in Africa and Europe Vete-Congolo
AFRS-3230 Research in Modern United States Metropolitan History Purnell
AFRS-3306 The Common Good? A History of International Aid Gordon
AFRS-3317 Childhood Memories: Postcolonial French Caribbean French faculty
AFRS-3320 Beyond the Postcard: Hispanic Caribbean Spanish faculty
AFRS-3365 Research in African and African Diaspora History Vaughan
AFRS-3570 Advanced Seminar in African Politics Albaugh
AFRS-3600 Race and Visual Representation in American Art Byrd