Africana Studies Courses by Track or Concentration

There are two tracks or concentrations in Africana Studies -

*With the exception of AFRS 1101, these core courses can also be cross-listed with relevant departments/programs, such as English, Gender & Women’s Studies, History, Sociology/Anthropology.

AFRS-1010 to AFRS-1040 are First Year Seminars

 denotes Intermediate Seminar

African American Studies courses: 

AFRS-1010 Racism Partridge
AFRS-1011 Slavery and the Literary Imagination Chakkalakal
AFRS-1012 Affirmative Action and U.S. History Purnell
AFRS-1013 African American Writers and the Short Story Foster
AFRS-1017 Intermarriage in American Fiction Chakkalakal
AFRS-1019 Holy Songs in a Strange Land Casselberry
AFRS-1024 Love and Trouble: Black Women Writers Foster
AFRS-1025 The Civil War in Film Rael
AFRS-1026 Fictions of Freedom Chakkalakal
AFRS-1035 African American Children’s Literature Muther
AFRS-1101 Introduction to Africana Studies Program Faculty
AFRS-1103 African American Diasporic Dance McCarthy-Brown
AFRS-1107 Introduction to the Black Novel in the U.S. Chakkalakal
AFRS-1108 Introduction to Black Women’s Literature Foster
AFRS-1113 African American Literary Traditions Muther
AFRS-1241 The Civil War Era Rael
AFRS-1320 Racial & Ethnic Conflict in American Cities Purnell
AFRS-1581 History of Jazz I Music Faculty
AFRS-1582 History of Jazz II Music Faculty
AFRS-1591 History of Rock Music Music Faculty
AFRS-1592 History of Hip-Hop McMullen
AFRS-2140 History of African-Americans to 1619-1865 Rael
AFRS-2141 African-Americans 1865 to Present Rael
AFRS-2201 Black Women, Politics, the Divine Casselberry
AFRS-2208 Race and Ethnicity Nelson
AFRS-2217 Overcoming Racism Partridge
AFRS-2220 Race, Class, Gender, Urban Crisis Purnell
AFRS-2228 Protest Music Casselberry
AFRS-2229 Evolution in America Hecht
AFRS-2232 Jazz II: Repertory & Performance McCarthy-Brown
AFRS-2234 Jazz II: Technique McCarthy-Brown
AFRS-2240 Civil Rights and Black Power Movements Purnell
AFRS-2245 Bearing the Untold Story Scanlon
AFRS-2266 The Harlem Renaissance Muther
AFRS-2271 Spirit Come Down: Black Women and Religion Casselberry
AFRS-2503 Empire of Feeling Coviello
AFRS-2504 Nineteenth-Century American Fiction Chakkalakal
AFRS-2580 Reconstructing the Nation Chakkalakal
AFRS-2581 Literature of Jim Crow Chakkalakal
AFRS-2582 Reading “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” Chakkalakal
AFRS-2583 Literature of the Civil War Era Chakkakalal
AFRS-2584 The Afterlives of Uncle Tom Chakkalakal
AFRS-2600 African-American Poetry Muther
AFRS-2601 African American Fiction: Short Story Muther
AFRS-2602 African American Fiction: Childhood Muther
AFRS-2603 African American Fiction: Humor & Resistance Muther
AFRS-2621 Reconstruction Rael
AFRS-2623 Atlantic Antislavery Rael
AFRS-2630 Staging Blackness Foster
AFRS-2650 (Re)Writing Black Masculinities Foster
AFRS-2651 Queer Race Foster
AFRS-2652 African American Writers & Autobiography Foster
AFRS-2653 Interracial Narratives Foster
AFRS-2654 White Negros Foster
AFRS-2700 Martin, Malcolm, and America Purnell
AFRS-2870 Comparative Slavery & Emancipation Rael
AFRS-3001 African-American Literature & Visual Culture Muther
AFRS-3004 African-American Literature & the Law Chakkalakal
AFRS-3011 African American Film Muther
AFRS-3019 The End of Blackness? Foster
AFRS-3140 Research in 19th Century U.S. History Rael

African & African Diaspora Studies 

African Studies Courses:

AFRS-1144 Music in Africa Perman
AFRS-1460 South African History, 1948-1994 Gordon
AFRS-2233 Peoples and Cultures of Africa MacEachern
AFRS-2249 African Philosophy Conly
AFRS-2256 African Archaeology MacEachern
AFRS-2267 African Environmental History Gordon
AFRS-2362 Africa & Atlantic World 1400-1880 Gordon
AFRS-2364 Africa Since 1880 Gordon/Vaughan
AFRS-2365 Mogadishu to Madagascar: East African History Gordon
AFRS-2380 Christianity & Islam in West Africa Vaughan
AFRS-2530 Politics and Societies in Africa Albaugh
AFRS-2821 South African History After Apartheid Gordon
AFRS-2822 Warlords & Child Soldiers in African History Gordon
AFRS-2841 History of African & African Diasporic Thought Vaughan

African Diaspora Studies:

AFRS-1011 Slavery and the Literary Imagination Chakkalakal
AFRS-1018 Music and Race in Latin America Quintero
AFRS-1040 Globalization and Its Critics Gordon
AFRS-1101 Introduction to Africana Studies Program Faculty
AFRS-1103 African American Diasporic Dance McCarthy-Brown
AFRS-1136 Black Musics in Latin America Quintero
AFRS-1572 Music of the Caribbean Perman
AFRS-2201 Black Women, Politics, the Divine Casselberry
AFRS-2202 Demons and Deliverance in the Atlantic World Premack
AFRS-2205 Race in the English Renaissance Kitch
AFRS-2210 History and Politics of Afro-Brazilian Culture Premack
AFRS-2211 Third World Feminism Lindo
AFRS-2235 Global Pentecostalism: 20th C. Christianity Premack
AFRS-2280 Race, Biology and Anthropology MacEachern
AFRS-2362 Africa & Atlantic World 1400-1880 Gordon
AFRS-2407 Francophone Cultures Ketner
AFRS-2411 Introduction to Francophone Lit. Study and Criticism Ketner
AFRS-2623 Atlantic Antislavery Rael
AFRS-2703 Transatlantic Crossings Nickel
AFRS-2840 Transnational Africa & Globalization Vaughan
AFRS-2841 History of African & African Diasporic Thought Vaughan
AFRS-2870 Comparative Slavery & Emancipation Rael
AFRS-3201 Voices of Women, Voices of the People Vete-Congolo
AFRS-3306 The Common Good? A History of International Aid Gordon
AFRS-3317 Childhood Memories: Postcolonial French Caribbean French faculty
AFRS-3320 Beyond the Postcard: Hispanic Caribbean Spanish faculty
AFRS-3362 Spiritual Encounters: African Religion in the Americas Premack