Intermediate Seminars

Building on the gateway course – Introduction to Africana studies (AFS 1101) – Africana Studies majors are required to complete one Africana Studies Intermediate Seminar. These 2000-level seminars expand on the major concepts and methodologies in AFS 1101 by deeply engaging intersectional theories of race, class, gender, and sexuality, as multi-layered and co-constituted. The Africana Studies Intermediate Seminars are organized around major national and transnational themes that shape African American, African diaspora, and African experiences. These themes include but are not limited to: comparative slavery and resistance; black feminist thought; Africana political thought; Africana literary traditions; religions in the African diaspora; democracy and citizenship in African American & African diaspora contexts; colonialism and postcolonialism in African & African diaspora contexts. These seminars pay particular attention to students’ analytical, writing, and communication skills. Students will be required to write several short analytical papers drawn from the works of major Africana Studies intellectuals in the humanities and social sciences. Students who plan to major in Africana Studies are encouraged to take the AFS 1101 before fulfilling the Africana Studies Intermediate Seminar requirement. Intermediate seminars will be offered by both core and affiliate faculty members of the Africana Studies Program. Not open to first-years. Enrollment is typically capped at 16.

The following courses fulfill the major's requirement for an intermediate seminar:

Recent Intermediate Seminars

AFRS-2201 Black Women, Politics, the Divine Casselberry
AFRS-2205 Representing Race in the English Renaissance Kitch
AFRS-2235 Global Pentecostalism: 20th C. Christianity Casselberry
AFRS-2261 Holy Songs in a Strange Land Casselberry
AFRS-2380 Christianity & Islam in West Africa Vaughan
AFRS-2621 Reconstruction Rael
AFRS-2623 Atlantic Antislavery Rael
AFRS-2652 African American Writers and Autobiography Foster
AFRS-2700 Martin, Malcolm, and America Purnell
AFRS-2821 South African History After Apartheid Gordon
AFRS-2822 Warlords & Child Soldiers in African History Gordon
AFRS-2840 African Migrations and Globalization Vaughan
AFRS-2841 History of African & African Diasporic Thought Vaughan
AFRS-2862 The Haitian Revolution and its Legacy Wells
AFRS-2870 The Rise and Fall of New World Slavery Rael