First Year Seminars

First year seminars introduce students to college-level writing through the study of Africana studies as a discipline. Enrollment is limited to 16 students.

Recent First Year Seminars

AFRS-1010 Racism Partridge
AFRS-1011 Slavery and the Literary Imagination Chakkalakal
AFRS-1012 Affirmative Action and U.S. History Purnell
AFRS-1013 African American Writers and the Short Story Foster
AFRS-1017 Intermarriage in American Fiction Chakkalakal
AFRS-1018 Music and Race in Latin America Quintero
AFRS-1019 Holy Songs in a Strange Land Casselberry
AFRS-1024 Love and Trouble: Black Women Writers Foster
AFRS-1025 The Civil War in Film Rael
AFRS-1026 Fictions of Freedom Chakkalakal
AFRS-1035 African American Children’s Literature Muther
AFRS-1040 Globalization and Its Critics Gordon