Africana Studies offers courses in the following fields of study: African-American, African and African Diaspora. 

Over the course of their major/minor in Africana Studies, students will develop the following skills through course work, independent studies, and, in some cases, a senior honors project. Students will be able to:

(a)  know about the past and present of the African continent and its diaspora, with a particular focus on the United States, by employing interdisciplinary methods (1000, 2000-level courses)

(b)  write clear and concise arguments about the historical, literary, economic, political, social, visual and religious texts of Africa and its diaspora (1000, 2000, 3000-level courses)

(c)   work collaboratively with peers and/or faculty on research pertaining to African-American and African political thought and historical contexts (3000-level courses)

(d)  speak or perform coherently to a diverse audience about a specific topic pertaining to African-American African culture, politics, and history  (2000 and 3000-level courses)

(e)  design a project using primary and secondary sources regarding Africa and its diaspora (3000-level courses)