Faculty and Staff

Judith S. Casselberry 
Assistant Professor of Africana Studies
African-American culture and the construction and performance of raced, gendered, and religious identities.

Tess E. Chakkalakal
Associate Professor of Africana Studies and English

Eighteenth and Nineteenth-Century American Literature, African American Literature, The Novel, Literary History, Law and Literature.

Brian Purnell
Associate Professor of Africana Studies and History
Director of the Africana Studies Program

Olufemi O. Vaughan
Geoffrey Canada Professor of Africana Studies and History

Affiliated Faculty and Staff

Ericka Albaugh  
Assistant Professor of Government
Dana Byrd

Assistant Professor of Art History

Guy Mark Foster
Associate Professor of English
David Gordon
Associate Professor of History

Tracy McMullen

Assistant Professor of Music

Scott MacEachern
Professor of Anthropology

Elizabeth Muther 
Associate Professor of English

H. Roy Partridge
Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology

Patrick Rael
Professor of History

Jennifer R. Scanlon
Professor of Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies; Interim Dean for Academic Affairs

Hanétha Vété-Congolo
Associate Professor of Romance Languages

Anthony E. Walton

Program Coordinator:
Glynnis Wears-Siegel
Phone: (207) 725-3272
Fax: (207) 725-3023