Waitlist Information

Bowdoin maintains an unranked waiting list as a part of the Regular Decision admissions process. Should spaces in the first-year class remain available after the May 1 admissions reply date, the Admissions Office will admit students from the waiting list to fill those spaces.

Next Steps
If you have been offered a position on the waiting list and you wish to remain in consideration, indicate your wishes on the online candidate reply form. Should updates to your candidacy become available (new grades, honors, or awards), feel free to contact Bowdoin via email with that new information. Such updates are not required, however.

Unfortunately, admissions staff are not able to schedule meetings with waitlisted students, should you choose to visit Bowdoin. 

In years past, Bowdoin has not activated the waiting list until after May 1. Therefore, we urge students on the Bowdoin waiting list to deposit at another institution prior to May 1. The waiting list will be closed by the end of July.

Historical Waitlist Activity
Bowdoin has admitted as many as 50 students from the waiting list in recent years, though the number of students we are able to admit fluctuates. In 2012, we weren't able to offer admission to any waitlisted students.

Financial Aid
Depending on the admissions cycle and the current financial aid budget, sometimes there is financial aid available for students admitted from the waiting list. Bowdoin will meet the full demonstrated financial need of students admitted from the waiting list.