Arts Supplement

While the Bowdoin Arts Supplement is not a required element of your application, it is an optional way for you to demonstrate your sustained dedication to the arts. Your submission will be reviewed by the appropriate faculty in the Music, Visual Arts, and/or Theater and Dance departments, and commentary will be submitted to the Admissions Office on your behalf.

The deadlines for arts supplement submissions:

  • Early Decision I applicants: November 15
  • Early Decision II applicants: January 1
  • Regular Decision applicants: January 1
  • Transfer applicants: March 1

To complete your arts supplement in Slideroom, you must submit your admissions application first. You will receive an application reference number in your admissions portal that is a required component of the arts supplement.

If you submit your admissions application on the deadline and have not received your application reference number in time for the arts supplement deadlines, you may still submit an arts supplement. If you have started your arts supplement already, you can enter your application reference number when you receive it (typically the next day) and submit your supplement normally. Alternately, if you need a deadline extension for your arts supplement you can request one at

For questions regarding your submissions, please email

To submit an Arts Supplement to Theater & Dance, Music, or Visual Art & Photography visit:
Bowdoin SlideRoom

Music Submission Guidelines

The department recommends submitting several performance samples of no more than 10-15 minutes (total) illustrating the depth and breadth of your repertoire and technique. The Music department prefers that each movement or piece be an unedited version of the performance. Video is not required; audio-only submissions are sufficient.

In addition to performance samples, you must include a résumé or C.V. that details your musical experience. You should name and describe ensembles in which you have participated, note any private study, list performances in which you have participated (either in an ensemble or as a soloist), and note any duties performed as an ensemble assistant, officer, or section leader. The résumé should be uploaded through Slideroom.

Theater/Dance Submission Guidelines

Your submission should include 1-3 performance samples of reasonable length illustrating the variety of your ability. If you are not the solo performer, please specifically identify yourself in the piece.

Visual Arts/Film Submission Guidelines

The Visual Arts department recommends including a selection of works that demonstrates your artistic interests, experiences, and abilities. Visual Arts portfolios may include a variety of mediums, though several works of the same medium may be more helpful for evaluation. Work should demonstrate creativity, initiative, curiosity, and technique. Photography portfolios should demonstrate both thematic coherence and technical proficiency. Applicants are encouraged to submit work that explores a particular topic, idea, or subject through one or more series of photographs.

While your Visual Arts supplement will be evaluated primarily based on the 3-5 items you upload, the department welcomes and encourages the inclusion of additional material through a linked portfolio or personal website.

The Cinema Studies department recommends including a selection of your work that demonstrates your interests and abilities as a filmmaker. You may submit multiple works, but the total run time of your submissions should not exceed 15 minutes.