Resources for Learning

A strong network of academic supports help students do their best work and learn from each other. They are widely used by all students and offer assistance in everything from paper-writing to time management.

  • The Baldwin Center for Learning and Teaching:
    1. Provides counseling in academic skills as well as training in time and stress management techniques
    2. Offers peer tutoring, study skill development, assistance for students with different learning styles or for whom English is not their first language, and study groups for particular classes
    3. Keeps faculty members apprised of new teaching strategies and techniques, incorporating recent research on how students learn
  • The Writing Project: Students in any discipline work with peer Writing Assistants to improve their writing process and strengthen their writing. Writing Assistants work with students in selected courses, drop-in workshops, and semester- or year-long partnerships.
  • The Quantitative Skills Program: Provides testing and support in strengthening mathematical, logical and statistical skills.

Beyond the Classroom

At some point in their Bowdoin careers, virtually all students participate in community projects, student research, performance and exhibitions, or studies in foreign countries. Each summer many stay at the College to be involved in research or internships.

  • Bowdoin students donated about 35,000 hours of service to the community in 2006-07
  • Bowdoin students spend an average of 7,400 hours per semester observing, assisting, and teaching in local schools
  • Bowdoin supports summer research opportunities for about 100 students

Campus Resources