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Karofsky Prize

The prize was established by members of the Karofsky family, including Peter S. Karofsky '62, Paul I. Karofsky '66 and David M. Karofsky '93. It honors distinction in teaching by untenured members of the faculty. The prize is awarded annually to a teacher who "best demonstrates the ability to impart knowledge, inspire enthusiasm and stimulate intellectual curiosity." ( Bowdoin 71.1 (Fall 1999): 9)

In addition to recognition for their contributions to the academic program, Karofsky Prize winners deliver an address at the following Honors Day, an annual program celebrating the extraordinary academic and extracurricular achievement of Bowdoin students. It is conferred by the Dean for Academic Affairs in consultation with the Committee on Appointments, Promotion and Tenure.

Award Recipients:
2012 Michael Danahy (Bowdoin Daily Sun »)
2011 David Hecht (Campus News article »)
2010 Jill Smith (Campus News article »)
2009 Laura Henry (Campus News article »)
2008 Mike Kolster (Campus News article »)
2007 Charles Dorn (Campus News article »)
2006 Matthew Klingle (Campus News article »)
2005 Katherine Dauge-Roth (Campus News article »)
2004 Arielle Saiber (Academic Spotlight article »)
2003 Rachel Beane (Campus News article »)
2002 Marc J. Hetherington 
2001 Takeyoshi Nishiuchi 
2000 Nancy Jennings (Campus News article »)
1999 Enrique Yepes
1998 Richard Dale Broene (Campus News article »)
1997 Adam B. Levy (Campus News article »)
1996 James Higginbotham
1995 Liz Muther and Steve Naculich
1994 Deborah S DeGraff
1993 Xiaohong Wen
1992 Ann Kibbie