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For usability, portability, and for ease of printing, the Course Catalogue is offered in PDF format. To view this publication you will need software capable of reading PDF files. PDF software such as Adobe Acrobat Reader now comes standard on many personal computers. If you do not already have such software, you may download the Acrobat Reader software for free from Adobe's Web site.

Download the full 2007-2008 Bowdoin College Catalogue (pdf). 

Contents of the College Catalogue:

College Calendar
General Information
The Mission of the College
Historical Sketch
Admission to the College
Financial Aid
A Liberal Education at Bowdoin College
The Curriculum:

Academic Requirements for the Degree
Distribution Requirements
Division Requirements
The Major Program
Academic Standards & Regulations:
Information about Courses
The Award of Honors
Deficiency in Scholarship
Other Academic Regulations
Center for Learning & Teaching
The Baldwin Center For Learning and Teaching
Quantitative Skills Program
The Writing Project
ESL Writing Tutor

Special Academic Programs
Off-Campus Study

Student Fellowships and Research

Courses of Instruction

Educational Resources and Facilities

Student Affairs:
The Academic Honor & Social Codes
Residential Life
Safety & Security
Bowdoin Student Government
Student Activities
Community Service Resource Center
Women's Resource Center
Career Planning Center
Fellowships and Scholarships
Health Services
Counseling Service

Alumni & Community Organizations
Summer Programs
Officers of Government
Officers of Instruction
Instructional Support Staff
Officers of Administration
Committees of the College
Bowdoin College Alumni Council
Appendix I: Prizes & Distinctions
Appendix II: Environmental Mission Statement
Campus & Buildings
College Offices and Campus Map