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Support for Learning & Teaching

The College’s support for learning and teaching goes very deep: The Center for Learning and Teaching has several fully-staffed programs that are widely used by all students and can help you with everything from writing papers to time management:

The Baldwin Academic Mentors Program

Provides peer tutoring, mentoring and study-skill development.
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The Writing Project

A writing-across-the-curriculum program that lets student writers talk their ideas through with peer writing assistants.
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Quantitative Reasoning Program

Tutors, tests and supports students in strengthening mathematical, logical and statistical skills.
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English for Multi-Lingual Speakers

One-on-one tutoring with our English as a Second Language teacher.
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We realize that designing an education can be education in itself, so we’ve developed a collaborative network to help take you through all four years.

It starts during Orientation when you meet with your pre-major faculty advisor -- a faculty member who knows the ins-and-outs of academic life and can help you choose courses, learn about activities, and identify support resources that will most help. Once you declare your major in your sophomore year, you’ll work closely with a faculty member in your department to shape your major to your interests, explore ideas for independent studies or an honors project, and begin bridging to post-college plans.

Almost everyone you meet will play a part in shaping your education. You’ll get advice from faculty members you take courses with, athletic coaches, proctors. Your fellow Bowdoin students will provide some of the most outstanding support you can find. Dozens of them volunteer to work as peer mentors and writing tutors. You’ll find study groups in dining halls, libraries, and sunning on the Quad.

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