Academic Technology & Consulting offers a variety of services that support faculty in their teaching and research. Below is a sampling of the services that we have the expertise to offer along with some examples. If you don't see what you are looking for below, please contact one of us, we will work to arrange the support and expertise you need.

3D Modeling and Printing, Virtual and Augmented Reality

3D Model of Walker Art Building at BowdoinExamples include: 3D printers, laser cutters, Computer-Assisted Design software support and training, 3D scanning, virtual reality, and augmented reality.

If you are thinking about bringing cutting edge 3D technology to your work, we have been developing the expertise and experience to help you develop your ideas into reality. We have been working with virtual and augmented reality and beginning our own development in 3D printing. We have expertise in 3D printers, 3D worlds using Unity and more.

For 3D Modeling and Printing contact David Israel.  For Virtual and Augmented Reality support contact Kevin Travers.

Application and Mobile Development

Examples include: dynamic HTML pages, device-specific apps, web-based applications, mobile data collection, and custom code for internal project use.

We have experience creating custom desktop and mobile applications for educational and research needs. If you are looking to explore how a custom application or a mobile application could strengthen your connection with your students or enhance their educational experience, contact us with your idea. We can help you determine how big the project is, where we can arrange resources, and how to get it developed.

For Application and Mobile Development contact Stephen Houser.

Data and Text Mining

Examples include: data visualization, linked data, statistical modeling, interpretation of results, subscription content and mining (negotiations with publishers for computational access to licensed data sets) and web scraping and APIs (providing and documenting application programming interfaces for DH data, assistance in using other people’s APIs, and/or in compiling data sets from the open web).

We work closely with the Data Services Team to provide Data and Text Mining support for your research and instructional needs. We have developed expertise in scraping data, mostly twitter, and providing it to you and your students for analysis. We can work with other data sources, as long as they provide an Application Programming Interface (API) or suitable download sites/links. We also have expertise in the statistical analysis of the data and interpreting the results textually and visually.

For Data and Text Mining support contact Aaron Gilbreath or Stephen Houser.

Data Management

Examples include: compliance with funder-required data-management plans, help in organizing working data prior to its going to a repository, and documenting important features of data sets.

We work closely with the Corporate & Foundation Relations & Sponsored research departments to create and implement data management plans for research. We can leverage this relationship and experience for your research project or instructional needs.

For Data Management support contact Stephen Houser or Aaron Gilbreath.

Database Development

Examples include: schema design, migration of databases to new platforms, and query design.

We can help you develop a database to contain your research data or help develop a back-end database for your student projects. In both cases we are able to connect database administrators with you and your students to deliver a solution that meets your data holding needs.

For Database Development contact Stephen Houser


Examples include: extracting audio from media, extracting video clips from longer material, combining clips and segments for presentations.

Do you have segments of a movie you need extracted from an old laserdisc, DVD, or VHS? We can help you collect these media in their original format and make them ready for your in-class and online use for your classes. We have worked with a variety of media (both audio and video) from a variety of sources (CD-ROM, VHS, DVD, and online). We can help you assemble your presentation using these clips in a space efficient manner.

For Digitization support contact Paul Benham or Kevin Travers.

High Performance Computing

Examples include: selection and/or development of software for use on multi-processor systems, adapting existing processes to work in a multi-processor system, using Matlab, R, and other high-performance compatible software for research and instruction.

Do you have a really big dataset and need really powerful computation? Bowdoin has a High Performance Computing Cluster to support your needs. We can help you with both system administration and development experience that can make your very long and computationally intensive jobs run much quicker across a large cluster of computer notes.

For High Performance Computing support contact DJ Merrill or Stephen Houser.

Interactive Multimedia Production

Examples include: exhibits, timelines, multimedia narratives, animations, and game development (gamification, game design, production of media elements, digital storytelling, usability).

Our staff have worked on several Interactive Multimedia Production projects and as a result developed expertise to carry out the projects with you. We have the equipment and facilities that you can use as well. In coordination with the Media Commons we have specialized spaces for creating the audio and video portions of your project.

For Interactive Multimedia Production support contact Paul Benham or Kevin Travers, or David Israel.

Learning Management and Instructional Design

BlackboardExamples include: Blackboard course management, quiz and exam administration, design of learning modules, and learning objectives.

We provide support and training for Blackboard, Bowdoin's learning management system. We can help you use Blackboard for course web pages, discussion boards, and photo rosters. Additionally, Blackboard provides tools to assist faculty in managing a course or enhancing learning activities, electronic gradebooks, online exams and surveys, assignment submission tools, blogs, private journals, and wikis.

For Learning Management and Instructional Design support contact Jennifer Snow.

Mapping & GIS

Mapping & GISExamples include: georeferencing historic maps, finding or creating new geographical maps, and geographical information systems to represent spatial and temporal dimensions of humanities information.

We have extensive experience in Mapping and GIS and provide direct in-classroom and research support. We also provide the Geographic Analysis Lab (fondly known as the GALcove) as a dedicated GIS lab for students and faculty. The GALcove was specifically designed with geographic analysis in mind. The computers provide processing power and large monitors provide wide-screen viewing. The space includes a large map table, ArcGIS software, and professional and student staff to provide technical assistance.

For Mapping and GIS support contact Jennifer Snow,  Aaron Gilbreathor David Israel

Media Production (photo, audio, video)

Examples include: creation of original images, audio, video, and animations.

We have extensive experience in creating media projects. Through our collaboration with the Library in the Media Commons we also have spaces designed for creating professional quality productions. The Media Commons has two studios; one specifically for video with a green-screen setup and one for audio production and post-processing. There are also screening rooms (large and small) for viewing the final product of your or your students work.

For Media Production support contact Kevin Travers or Paul Benham.

Online Surveys and Interactive Response

Examples include: classroom surveys, research surveys, interactive feedback

If you need to collect data for your research via surveys, we have the tools and expertise to help. We provide support and training for creating and administering online surveys, and analyzing the response data. We are experienced with Qualtrics web-based survey software which incorporates traditional and multi-media question types and enables each user to keep their survey and responses confidential. We also can provide support and training in the use of interactive response systems (clickers) for in-class, quick feedback.

For Online Survey support contact Paul Benham or Jennifer Snow.

Project Management

Examples include: connecting resources to outcomes, tracking progress, and defining goals.

We can help you manage your academic technology project regardless of its size. We are able to bring in project management experts when needed and help you move your project along. We have connections with key developers, database managers, system administrators, and subject matter experts on campus and beyond who can contribute to your successful project.

For Project Management support contact Stephen Houser.

Statistics and Statistical Methods

Examples include: using statistical models to interpret data, applying statistical tools to answer research questions, implementing data analysis in class.

If you are trying to make sense of a large amount of data and need some support analyzing it, we can provide statistical consulting to help. We have experience and expertise using statistical tolls and methods for research and instruction. We have experts in specific software (SPSS, R, and ArcGIS) as well as the understanding of the underlying statistical ideas and methods.

For Statistics and Statistical Methods support Aaron Gilbreath.

Websites for Courses

Websites for CoursesExamples include: support for mobile students uploading content, exposing content to students in non-traditional web formats, collecting feedback and tagging of media.

We can help you leverage content management systems (e.g. WordPress, Omeka) to make dynamic web-interactions with your students. We have deep expertise with content management and web technologies that can strengthen your connection and communication with your students.

For Websites for Courses support contact David Israel.

Websites for Faculty

Examples include: including your research, articles, books or book chapters you have worked on, or research interests on your official Bowdoin profile

Have you written an article that should appear on your official Bowdoin profile page? Come talk to us about what you want included and how to best represent your work to your peers, students, and potential collaborators. We can help you filter through what you have and get it posted to your profile.

For Websites for Faculty support contact David Israel.

Websites for Research

Websites for CoursesExamples include: information design, stylesheet design, content management, designing dynamic web pages, documenting web site structure, usability testing, encoding.

Do you need a digital representation of your research? We can help design a website using static web technology or a modern WordPress driven content management system. Our deep expertise in website production can help bring your traditional research results to the web with style.

For Websites for Courses support contact David Israel.