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courses.bowdoin.eduSicily: Mediterranean Pasts, Presents, and Futures
In the spring 2016 semester, two Bowdoin faculty members, Davida Gavioli (Italian) and Barbara Weiden Boyd (Classics), offered upper-level courses focusing of various aspects of Sicilian history and culture. Gavioli’s course, Italian 3008 (Of Gods, Leopards, and ‘Picciotti’: Literary Representations of Sicily Between Reality and Metaphor) was organized around literary texts written by Sicilian writers and/or located in the Sicilian landscape, drawn from 20th and 21st century authors; central themes of the course included issues of cultural identity long a part of Sicilian discourse (e.g., is Sicily “truly” Italian? is Sicily really part of Europe, or should it be considered fundamentally Other? etc.) as well as major contemporary social and political issues (the economy; the Mafia; immigration and asylum; etc.). Boyd’s course, Latin 33 (Sicily in the Roman Imagination), was organized around the literary texts commemorating the appropriation of Sicily first by the Greeks and subsequently by the Romans between the 5th and 1st centuries BC. Students read several significant ancient texts in Latin concerning Rome’s occupation and colonization of Sicily, supplemented by readings in English drawn from the many Greek poets and historians who were active in ancient Sicily. ​

We helped them by setting up a "photo blog" that enabled students (and professors) to post directly from smartphones and tables while on the trip and then to edit text when they returned home.  The result is a glorious group of images and descriptive text.

Provide an alternative to Blackboard for faculty and students who wish to use a more visual content management platform (WordPress) for their students to use in class, or for them to use to disseminate information to the students.
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Ken Dennison - Physics 1140 - Fall 2015
Moved an HTML based web site over to Wordpress for the Physics 1140 Lab. The website was used as a replacement for a paper copy of the lab manual using  a set of iPads that were loaned out for the semester.  Visit site: https://courses.bowdoin.edu/physics-1140-lab-manual/