Weather Station 

Weather Station for Vladimir Duhovnikov Putting up a Weather Station 
Vladimir Duhovnikov

Stephen Houser and Dj Merrill worked with Vladimir Douhovnikoff to install and maintain a remote sensing station at the former transmitter site of the Naval Air Station Brunswick (NASB). The remote station includes sensors that measure wind speed and direction, temperature, relative humidity, rain fall, solar radiation, and photosynthetically active radiation (PAR). PAR is the spectral range of solar radiation (400 to 700 nanometers) used in the process of photosynthesis [wikipedia]. It indicates the amount of useful radiation available to plants in the area. The entire station is powered by a solar panel that charges an internal battery, requiring minimal maintenance and consistent, reliable data collection. The data collected from the station are intended to be used for instruction and continuing environmental research. 

The recorded observations are sent, via wireless cell signal, to a database where they are collected and made available to the college and community on a public website. The site provides an easy to use interface that graphically shows the logged data over time and across the different sensors. Interactive controls allow selection of different time scales and periods since the station was installed in mid May 2016. The interface also allows students and researchers to download select time periods and sensors for use in classroom and research analysis.

Another collection station is planned to be installed at a nearby stream. This second station will collect similar temperature and relative humidity data as well as the stream depth as an indicator of available water in the area. The second site will provide data to measure the climate difference between the two sites and allow for comparative studies. The collected data can also be combined with other available data sources, such as NOAA's Data Tools and Bowdoin's Parker Cleaveland Collection, to provide students and researchers a wealth of historic and current climate observations for study.