Mapping Eighteenth Century London Ann Kibbie’s English 2305 course, Fall 204 Mapping Eighteenth Century London
Ann Kibbie’s English 2305 course, Fall 204
Jennifer Snow worked with Ann and her students in English 2305 (Eighteenth Century London) to introduce and use mapping tools to understand the concept of place in 18th century London. Students identified places (churches, taverns, parks, etc.) in their readings and created maps highlighting those places in James Boswell’s The London Journal and Daniel Defoe’s Moll Flanders. The students used TileMill and Mapbox to create their literary maps. 

Mapping History: The Historical Atlas project
Patrick Rael (ongoing)
Jennifer Snow has collaborated with Patrick and many of his students to help advance his Historical Atlas project. The project seeks to map historical events by plotting historic census data in ArcGIS, and is both course and research-related. Students in Patrick’s courses (History of African Americans to 1865 and African American History 1865 to the Present) learn about various historical events and then integrate historic census data and voting records with county boundary maps (1790-present). After posing a question related to a historical event, students are able to compare census data and visualize trends that answer their questions, sometimes in unexpected ways. I introduce the students to ArcGIS and support them as they complete their maps.

Mapping LondonMapping London: Art History
Pamela Fletcher (ongoing)
The London Gallery Project is a research repository and visualization of the history of the commercial art gallery in London, c. 1850-1914. The project is based at Bowdoin College, under the direction of Professor Pamela Fletcher. The research and technological application are an on-going process.