The Learning Glass


Learning Glass

Learning Glass

The Learning Glass is a piece of hardware devised by faculty and academic technologists at Northeastern University and UC San Diego (also know as a Lightboard). In essence it is a great big metal table with a large pane of glass attached that you can write on with ‘neon’ dry erase markers. It is designed to be used to create recorded ‘lectures’ whilst facing a camera and engaging your audience and can be seen as a pedagogical tool to enable learning outside of the classroom environment by creating recorded lectures / presentations that can be viewed by students in their own time.

Why would I use the Learning Glass?

•For creating content to view outside of the classroom.

•For presenting content that includes equations, formulae, graphs and other diagrammatic material.

•For pre-teaching concepts.

•For creating review sessions.

•For showing examples or homework problems.

Animated Learning Glass 
Bruce Kohorn - Biochemistry and Cell Biology - Fall 2015
Trained Bruce to use the Learning Glass system to record class lectures. Edited the video files and made them available for students within his Blackboard class.