3-D Printing & Modeling

3-D Printing

Making Models, Too

Working with academic departments to create and print 3D objects to enhance teaching and scholarship.

Currently working with Earth and Oceanographic Studies to develop custom, adjustable mounts for students to use smartphones to take photographs on microscopes of various sizes.

Worked with Computer Science Department to print 3D renderings of Jackson Pollock painting gestures that have been algorithmically formulated

 Modeling 3D representations of campus buildings.

Collaborated with  Elizabeth Halliday Walker from Earth and Oceanographic Science to create a simple "Barnacle Quadrat", including a weighted version for when they are submerged during use.

In collaboration with the Northeastern Coastal Stations Alliance (NeCSA), the students of the Bowdoin Marine Science Semester have been conducting intertidal surveys at three sites in the Gulf of Maine –at the Schiller Coastal Studies Center in Harpswell, on Hurricane Island in Penobscot Bay, and at Bowdoin’s scientific research station at Kent Island in the Bay of Fundy.  Every year at each site, we survey all the algae and animals within half meter square “quadrats” that run along permanent transects through the intertidal. Because barnacles can be so abundant, we subsample within the quadrat with a 2cm-square “mini-quadrat.”  Redesigning and 3-D printing new “mini-quadrats” has improved our efficiency for our barnacle counts. Over time, the data we gather will help us understand the dynamics of intertidal communities, and the long-term data set will help us understand climate change in the Gulf of Maine.

3-D Printed Barnacle Quadrat

 This article does a nice job explaining general goals

3-D Printed Barnacle Quadrat with Students

Collaborated with Professor Jack Brown's BIO ART class helping students create variations on biological shapes and printing them.  Taught them the  basics of the technology and helped them implement their first prints, so that they could become comfortable with the medium.  Gallery of images from that class:

3-D Printing Students

3-D Printed Heart

3-D Print - Caffine Molecule

3-D Printing - Lion Model

3-D Printing - Exhibition View

3-D Printing - Molecule

3-D Printed Elephant 3-D Printing - Biomorphic Form

3-D Printing - Venus Di Milo