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An Evening with Author and Cultural Critic Roxane Gay

March 26, 2018 7:30 PM  – 9:00 PM
Memorial Hall, Pickard Theater

Roxane Gay is an author and cultural critic whose writing is unmatched and widely revered. Her work garners international acclaim for its reflective, no-holds-barred exploration of feminism and social criticism. With a deft eye on modern culture, she brilliantly critiques its ebb and flow with both wit and ferocity.

Talk begins at 7:30 p.m. followed by Q&A moderated by Jennifer Scanlon, William R. Kenan Professor of Humanities in Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies, and Judith Casselberry, associate professor of Africana studies, followed by a book-signing.

Sponsored by the Edith Lansing Koon Sills Lecture Fund of the Society of Bowdoin Women; the Student Center for Multicultural Life; Bowdoin Queer Student Association; Bowdoin Women's Association; The Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies Program; African American Society; Women of Color Coalition; and SWAG. 

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Thomas Pietraho presents: "Birds, Books, and Matrices: A Brief Adventure in Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks"

March 28, 2018 12:00 PM  – 1:00 PM
Moulton Union, Main Lounge


Thomas Pietraho, Associate Professor of Mathematics is the featured speaker. His talk is titled "Birds, Books, and Matrices: A Brief Adventure in Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks."

12:00 - 1:00 p.m.
Main Lounge, Moulton Union
Open to faculty and staff.
$3 buffet lunch or bring your own lunch.

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"The Weaponization of Tech" with Carrie Goldberg

March 29, 2018 7:00 PM  – 9:00 PM
Visual Arts Center, Kresge Auditorium

Every day, millions of us log into our Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Tinder, and other apps without fully understanding that these sites aid in the manipulative abuse and destruction of people’s lives. It’s time to face the facts - technology is a very effective weapon for users to dox leak intimate images and videos blackmail humiliate extort abuse and instigate violence against others. So why aren’t tech companies proactively dealing with it and protecting their loyal losers? In her presentation, attorney Carrie Goldberg will explore this issue and speak to the weaponization of technology. 

Goldberg is a victims' rights attorney who provides cutting edge legal help in matters including sexual assault, social media and other online harassment, and blackmail. She was the recipient of 2017's Privacy Champion Award from Electronic Privacy Information Center. Prior to opening her firm in 2014, she was the associate director of legal services at The Vera Institute of Justice, Inc. Guardianship Project and a case manager for Nazi victims and Holocaust survivors with Selfhelp Community Services in Manhattan. 

Sponsored by the Office of Gender Violence Prevention and Education.

Photo: Carrie Goldberg, courtesy of photographer Elisabeth Pratt.

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Marisa Jahn - Part of the Technology, Art, and Culture Lecture Series

April 2, 2018 6:30 PM  – 9:00 PM
Moulton Union, Main Lounge

Public Art, Creative Technology, and the CareForce One Travelogues
6:30-8:00 PM, Main Lounge, Moulton Union

Marisa Morán Jahn will discuss her work which spans experimental art, socially engaged practice, interactive media, and film. Her talk will include a screening of the CareForce One Travelogues, a humorous and touching road tale that features her son Choco, their buddy Anjum Asharia, and herself as they travel from their homes in NYC to Miami in a fifty-year old station wagon, the CareForce One.

Of Chinese and Ecuadorian descent, Marisa Morán Jahn (Studio REV-) is an artist, Creative Capital and Sundance grantee, and Lecturer at MIT whose award-winning work with low-wage workers, immigrants, and youth has been showcased at The White House in DC, Tribeca Film Festival, PBS, the Museum of Modern Art and reached millions more through international media (Art Forum, BBC, The New York Times, CNN).

Sponsored by the Digital and Computational Studies Program with support from
the Mellon Foundation’s Enhancing the Humanities at Bowdoin grant.

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A Short Symposium celebrating the career of Professor John Lichter

April 5, 2018 4:00 PM  – 6:00 PM
Visual Arts Center, Kresge Auditorium

John Lichter is an ecosystem ecologist who began his research career by studying the mechanisms underlying plant succession and forest development on coastal sand dunes bordering Lake Michigan.  Since then, he has investigated the effects of rising atmospheric CO2 on forest productivity and carbon sequestration with colleagues at Duke University and other institutions.  After coming to Bowdoin College in 2000, he began research on the ecology and environmental history of Merrymeeting Bay and the lower Kennebec estuary.  This work was expanded to link Maine’s rivers and estuaries with the nearshore marine ecosystems to better understand ecological recovery and the ecological and social constraints preventing further recovery of these once bountiful ecosystems.  With collaborators at Bowdoin, Bates, USM, and the Penobscot East Resource Center, Lichter works with undergraduate students to provide vital information for the restoration and sound management of Maine’s waterways and coastal fisheries.

This short symposium will feature talks by David Foster, Director of the Harvard Forest, Harvard University, Anne Hayden, Program Manager, Sustainable Economies Program, Manomet, and Adjunct Lecturer, Bowdoin College, and William Schlesinger, President Emeritus of the Cary Institute for Ecosystem Studies.

A reception will follow the symposium in Lancaster Lounge, Moulton Union.