People & Organizations - Officers of Administration


Clayton S. Rose, BA, MBA, (Chicago), MA, PhD (Pennsylvania), President of the College.

Steven A. Blanc, AAS (Southern Maine Technical College), BS (Maine–Augusta), Vice President and Interim Co-Head of Information Technology.

Abbie Brown, BA (Mount Holyoke), MS (Southern Maine), Vice President and Interim Co-Head of Information Technology.

Timothy W. Foster, AB (Dartmouth), MA (North Carolina–Chapel Hill), Dean of Student Affairs.

Scott W. Hood, BA (Lake Forest), MA (Southern Maine), Senior Vice President for Communications and Public Affairs.

Scott A. Meiklejohn, BA (Colgate), Senior Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations.

Elizabeth F. McCormack, BA (Wellesley), PhD (Yale), Professor of Physics and Dean for Academic Affairs.

Matthew P. Orlando, CFA, BA (Trinity), Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration & Treasurer.

Elizabeth D. Orlic, AB (Colby), Vice President and Special Assistant to the President & Secretary of the College.

E. Whitney Soule, BA (Bates), MEd (Harvard), Dean of Admissions and Student Aid.

Paula J. Volent, CFA, BA (New Hampshire), MA (New York University), MBA (Yale), Senior Vice President for Investments.


Elizabeth F. McCormack, BA (Wellesley), PhD (Yale), Professor of Physics and Dean for Academic Affairs.

Jeanne L. Bamforth, BA (Mount Holyoke), MLA (Massachusetts–Amherst), Assistant to the Dean for Academic Affairs.

Dorothy D. Martinson, BS (Maine), Assistant Director of Academic Operations.

Ann C. Ostwald, BSFS (Georgetown University School of Foreign Service), MA (California–Berkeley), Director of Academic Budget and Operations.

Victoria Ryan, BA (Bradford), MPP (Southern Maine), Manager for Academic Data and Operations.


Steven Allen, BS (Long Island), MS (College of Charleston), Assistant Director, Coastal Studies Center.

Rene L. Bernier, BS (Maine–Orono), Laboratory Instructor in Chemistry and Manager of the Bowdoin Science Center and Laboratory Safety.

Nicole E. Boudle, Production Manager, Department of Theater and Dance.

Pamela J. Bryer, BS, MS (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute), Laboratory Instructor in Biology and Director of Laboratories.

Gregg Carville, BA (Colby-Sawyer), MFA (NYU), Theater & Dance Technology Designer.

Anne E. Clifford, BA, MLS (SUNY–Buffalo), Program Administrator for the Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies Program and Special Academic Programs.

Susan L. Drapeau, BA (Connecticut), Senior Laboratory Associate, Department of Earth and Oceanographic Science.

Jennifer S. Edwards, AB (Bowdoin), MA (Arizona), Curator of Visual Resources, Department of Art.

Emily Kallin, BS (Tufts), Instrument Support Technician, Department of Earth and Oceanographic Science.

Ian Kyle, AB (Bowdoin), Assistant Director, Kent Island Scientific Station.

Marko Melendy, BA (New Hampshire), M.Sc. (Wales–UK), Animal Care Supervisor.

Martha N. Mixon, BS (Beloit), Instrument Support Technician, Department of Biology.

Celeste A. Morin Renaud, BS (Bates), Instrument Support Technician, Departments of Chemistry and Earth and Oceanographic Science.

Mark R. Murray, Caretaker, Bowdoin Scientific Station, Kent Island.

Deborah A. Puhl, BA (Maine–Orono), Technical Director, Department of Theater and Dance.

Michael F. Schiff-Verre, BSW (Southern Maine), Director of Theater Operations, Department of Theater and Dance.

Delmar D. Small, BA (Bates), Concert, Budget, and Equipment Manager, Department of Music.


E. Whitney Soule, BA (Bates), MEd (Harvard), Dean of Admissions and Student Aid.

Claudia M. Marroquin, AB (Bowdoin), Director of Admissions.

Mariette Rose Aborn, AB (Bowdoin), Admissions Counselor.

Carol A. Blake, Executive Assistant to the Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid.

Michael Colbert, AB (Bowdoin), Admissions Counselor.

Jacob T. Daly, AB (Bowdoin), Associate Dean of Admissions & Director of Admissions Systems.

Bryce W. Ervin, AB (Bowdoin), Assistant Dean.

Justin Fahey, BA (Colby), MSEd (Johns Hopkins), Associate Dean of Admissions

Kyra Green, BA (Kenyon), Admissions Counselor.

Margot B. Haines, AB (Bowdoin), Assistant Dean of Admissions.

Dieu Ho, AB (Bowdoin), Assistant Dean.

Ryan A. Ricciardi, AB (Bowdoin), MA, PhD (Cincinnati), Associate Dean of Admissions.

Ashley E. Shinay, BA (Villanova), MA (Boston College), Associate Dean.

Anne W. Springer, AB (Bowdoin), Senior Associate Dean of Admissions.

Kathryn B. Stegeman, BA (Bates), Associate Dean and Director of Admissions Communications.


Timothy M. Ryan, AB (Bowdoin), MS (Drexel), Ashmead White Director of Athletics.

Gretchen Appleby Henderson, BS (University of Southern Maine), Assistant Athletic Trainer.

Dan Davies, BS (Keene State), MEd, MSPT (Hartford), Head Athletic Trainer.

Chappell F. Nelson, BA (Colby), MS (Ohio State), Manager of Athletic Equipment Services.

Nicola C. Pearson, BS (St. Mary’s College, London), Associate Director–Senior Woman Administrator/Coach.

Lynn M. Ruddy, BS (Wisconsin–Oshkosh), Associate Director/Coach.

Morgan Ruetty, BS (West Chester), Assistant Athletic Trainer.

Joseph A. Shaw, BS (Maine–Orono), Assistant Athletic Trainer.

Ashley Stambolis, BS (Maine), M.Ed. (Heidelberg), Assistant Athletic Trainer.

Megan Thompson, BS (Southern Maine), Associate Head Athletic Trainer.

Alice Wiercinski, BA (Yale), Associate Director of Athletics.


Cindy B. Breton, AS (New Hampshire College), Associate Director for Bowdoin Stores.


Christopher T. Taylor, BS (Southampton), Assistant Director of Campus Services.


Timothy J. Diehl, BS (Washington), MBA (Duke), Director of Career Planning.

Todd R. Herrmann, AB (Bowdoin), Associate Director of Employer Relations.

Patrick Thomas Delgado Lavallee, AB (Bowdoin), Assistant Director of Employer Relations.

Dighton E. Spooner, BS (Northeastern), Senior Associate Director of Career Planning.

Meg A. Springer, BA (Oregon), MA (School for International Training), Associate Director of Career Planning.

Bethany Walsh, BA, MA (Maine), Assistant Director of Career Planning.


James M. Broda II, BA, MA, PhD (Oklahoma), Assistant Director of Quantitative Reasoning and Lecturer in Quantitative Reasoning and Mathematics. (2017)

Kathryn Byrnes, BA (Davidson), MA, PhD (Colorado–Boulder), Director of the Baldwin Program for Academic Development.

Lisa E. Flanagan, BA (Tufts), English for Multilingual Students Advisor.

Meredith McCarroll, BA, MA (Appalachian State), MA (Simmons), PhD (Tennessee), Director of Writing and Rhetoric. (2015)

Kathleen A. O’Connor, AB (Dartmouth), AM, PhD (Virginia), Director of the Writing Project, Lecturer in Education.


Leana E. Amaez, BA (Wesleyan), JD (Cardozo), Associate Dean of Students for Diversity and Inclusion & Co-Director of the Center for Sexuality, Women, and Gender.

Kate M. Stern, BA (Bennington), MEd (Harvard), Associate Dean of Students for Diversity and Inclusion & Co-Director of the Center for Sexuality, Women, and Gender.


Martha R. Eshoo, BA (Simmons), MEd (Harvard), Director.

Anne E. Adams, BS (Vermont), MEd (Wheelock), Associate Director.


Scott W. Hood, BA (Lake Forest), MA (Southern Maine), Senior Vice President for Communications and Public Affairs.

Mary Baumgartner, BA (Mount Holyoke), Executive Director of Communications and Public Affairs.

Alison M. Bennie, AB (Harvard), Associate Vice President for Communications.

James A. Caton, BA (Ithaca), Assistant Athletic Director for Communications.

Douglas R. Cook, BA (Western Michigan), Director of News and Media Relations.

Rebecca L. Goldfine, BA (Williams), MS (Columbia), Assistant Director of Communications for News Content.

Micki K. Manheimer, BA (Goucher), Sports Information Associate.

Megan F. Morouse, BA (New Hampshire), Associate Director of Production.

Matthew J. O’Donnell, BA (Holy Cross), MFA (North Carolina–Greensboro), Editor, Bowdoin Magazine.

Thomas R. Porter, BA (University College–London), MA (King's College–London), College Writer and Multimedia Producer.

Scott C. Schaiberger, AB (Bowdoin), Director of Editorial Services.

Melissa K. Wells, BS (Northwestern), Staff Designer.


Lisa A. Roux, BS (St Michael's), CPA, Controller.

Marc E. Berry, BA (Maine), Senior Financial Analyst.

Karen Champagne, BA (Maine), Director of Accounting and Financial Reporting.

Rachael Colcord, BA (Bryant), Senior Financial Analyst, Grants and Tax Compliance.

Brittany Geiger, BS (Pennsylvania State), Bursar.

Christen S. King, BA (Yale), Financial Analyst.

Richard D. Lord, BA (Maine), Associate Controller, Tax and Compliance.

Glenn Scott Morin, BS (Bentley), Senior Financial Analyst.

Robin M. Saindon, Senior Payroll and Disbursements Analyst.

Louise H. Tanguay-Ricker, AA (Bois de Boulogne), BA (Maine–Augusta), Departmental Grants Administrator.

Lynne M. Toussaint, BS (Southern Maine), MBA (Thomas College), Director of Payroll and Accounts Payable.

Julia C. White, Financial Analyst.


Bernard R. Hershberger, BA (Goshen College), MA, PhD (Ohio State), Director of the Counseling Service and Wellness Programs.

Kate Ireland, BA (Yale), MA (California Institute of Integral Studies), Staff Clinician.

Kacey A. Lane, AB (Bowdoin), PsyD (George Washington), Assistant Director of Training/Staff Clinician.

Bryan Mendiola, BA (Art Institute of Chicago), MS, PhD (Denver), Associate Director of Outreach and Group Programming.

Shelley Roseboro, BA (California–Los Angeles), MEd (St. Lawrence), Associate Director of Clinical and Emergency Services.


Benje M. Douglas, BS (Truman State), MTS (Brite Divinity), EdM (Harvard), Director of Gender Violence Prevention and Education.

Abigail Greene Goldman, AB (Bowdoin), JD (Yale), Interim Assistant Dean of Upperclass Students.

Lesley P. Levy, BA (Pomona), MEd (Harvard), Director of Accommodations for Students with Disabilities.

Janet Lohmann, BA, MA (Lehigh), PhD (Massachusetts–Amherst), Dean of Students.

Khoa D. Khuong, AB (Bowdoin), Assistant Dean of First-Year Students.

Katherine O'Grady, BA (Middlebury), JD (Maine), Assistant Dean of Students for Community Standards/Advisor to the Judicial Board.

Lisa N. Peterson, AB (Bowdoin), MA (Harvard), Associate Director of Gender Violence Prevention and Education.

Michael L. Pulju, BA (Western Washington), MS (Colorado State), Interim Assistant Dean of Upperclass Students.

Melissa L. Quinby, AB (Bowdoin), MS (Northwestern), Interim Dean of First-Year Students.


Scott A. Meiklejohn, BA (Colgate), Senior Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations.

James R. Adolf, BA (Wesleyan), JD (Columbia), Associate Director of Stewardship Programs.

Elizabeth A. Armstrong, BA (Colgate), JD (Maine), Associate Director of Gift Planning.

Delia W. Austin, BA (Quinnipiac), Senior Systems and Data Analyst, Annual Giving.

Joanna Baumgarten, BA (Duke), Gifts and Records Manager.

Margaret Broaddus, AB (Barnard), Senior Leadership Gifts Officer.

Elizabeth C. Bunting, AB (Colby), Director of Alumni and Development Information Systems.

Sarah Begin Cameron, AB (Bowdoin), Senior Associate Director of Alumni Relations.

Jane Camp, BA (Middlebury), Associate Director of Annual Giving.

John R. Cross, AB (Bowdoin), MA, PhD (Massachusetts), Secretary of Development and College Relations.

Alison Crosscup, BA (Mount Allison), MA (York–Ontario), Director of Corporate & Foundation Relations.

Susan P. Dorn, BA (Humboldt), MA (Harvard), Leadership Gifts Officer.

Dylan Foster, BA, MBA (Husson), Systems & Data Analyst.

Jennifer Grasso, BA (Siena), MSSE (SUNY–Albany), Assistant Director of Research.

Kacy White Hintze, AB (Bowdoin), Senior Associate Director of Annual Giving & Director of Athletic Development.

David S. Holman, BA (Carleton), MBA (Southern Maine), Assistant Director of Annual Giving.

Daniel G. Hughes, BS (Southern Maine), Development and Alumni Relations Systems & Data Analyst.

Stephen P. Hyde, BA, JD (Maine), Associate Vice President/Senior Leadership Gifts Officer.

Heather T. Kenvin, AB (Bowdoin), MEd (Harvard), Director of Stewardship Programs, Associate Director of Leadership Gifts.

Kathleen C. Leahy, BA (Maine), Assistant Director of Annual Giving.

Lindsey H. Lessard, BA (Wheaton), Associate Director of Alumni Relations.

Rosemarie F. Lloyd, AB (Bowdoin), Director of Alumni Relations.

Tuyet J. Matthews, Executve Assistant.

Nancy C. Milam, BA (Bucknell), EdM (Harvard), Director of Gift Planning.

Amy J. Minton, BA (Maine–Orono), MLS (Syracuse), Director of Development Research.

Hilda Njanike, AB (Bowdoin), Alumni Relations Associate.

Jacob P. Ocean, BS (Maine–Orono), Assistant Director of Alumni Relations.

Heidi M. Peterson, AB (Princeton), MBA (Dartmouth), Leadership Gifts Officer.

Sarah B. Phinney, AB (Bowdoin), Coordinator of Reunion Programs.

Robert Dallas Reider, AB (Bowdoin), Assistant Director of Annual Giving.

Rhiannon E. Robnett, BS (Maine), Assistant Director of Development Research, Prospect Management.

Marian B. Skinner, AA (Maine–Augusta), Administrative Manager for Annual and Leadership Giving.

Christine P. Sullivan, BS, MLA (Northeastern), Assistant Director of Stewardship Programs.

Linda A. Tan, AB (Bowdoin), Leadership Gifts Officer.

Francie Tolan, BS (Cornell), MS (Vermont), Director of 50th Reunion Giving.

Aric L. Walton, BS (New Hampshire), Director, Alumni Fund.

Nina Cotton Weyl, BA (Middlebury), Assistant Director of Parent Giving.

Kimberly S. Wing, BS (Syracuse), Director of Parent Giving.


Mary McAteer Kennedy, RD, BS (Vermont), MA (Framingham State), Executive Director of Dining & Campus Services.

Matthew W. Caiazzo, BS (Johnson and Wales), Sourcing and Menu Manager.

Kenneth J. Cardone, AS (Johnson and Wales), Associate Director and Executive Chef.

David M. Crooker, Production Manager/Head Chef.

Susanne D'Angelo-Cooley, BS, MS (Maine–Orono), Dining Hall Operations Manager/Nutritionist.

Mark A. Dickey, Unit Manager, Thorne Hall.

Adeena B. Fisher, BS (Ithaca), AOS (Culinary Institute of America), Manager of Dining Retail Operations.

Michele Gaillard, BS (Cornell), Associate Director of Operations.

Patricia M. Gipson, BS (Southern Maine), Business Manager.

Daran L. Poulin, AS (New England Culinary Institute), Production Manager/Head Chef.


Tony R. Sprague, AB (Bates), Director of Events and Summer Programs.

Christopher M. Bird, AB (Bowdoin), Assistant Director for OneCard.

Sara B. Eddy, AB (Bowdoin), Associate Director of Events and Summer Programs.

Michelle A. Morin, BA (Southern Maine), Assistant Director of Events.

Christopher L. Watkinson, AS (Full Sail School of Recording), BA (Southern Maine), Recital Hall Technician and Adjunct Lecturer in Music.


Theodore R. Stam, PE, BS (US Merchant Marine Academy), MS (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Director of Facilities Operations & Maintenance.

Donald V. Borkowski, BS (Montclair State), Director of Capital Projects.

Timothy M. Carr, AS, BS (Maine), Arborist/Grounds Specialist.

Lisa Coombs, BS (West Chester), Associate Director of Environmental Health and Safety.

James W. Diemer, Maintenance and Project Manager.

Richard M. Dubay, Housekeeping Manager.

Benjamin C. Jamo, BS (Maine), Maintenance Project Manager.

Phillip R. Labbe, BS (Maine), Associate Director of Grounds and Landscape Planning.

Keisha Payson, BA (Southern Maine), Assistant Director, Sustainable Bowdoin.

Nancy J. Russell, BS (New Hampshire College), Financial Analyst/Budget Manager.

David A. Shanks, BS (Colorado–Boulder), Maintenance Project Manager & CAD Administrator.

John C. Simoneau, BS (Maine), MBA (Southern Maine), Senior Project Manager.

Jeffrey V. Tuttle, BS, MBA (Thomas), Senior Associate Director for Facilities Operations and Maintenance.

Michael J. Veilleux, BSME (Maine–Orono), Associate Director of Major Maintenance Programs.


Jeffrey P. Maher, BA (Georgetown), MD (Eastern Virginia), Director of Health Services.

Melody P. Faux, AS Nursing (Maine–Augusta), MS (Southern Maine), Nurse Practitioner.

Julie M. Gray, BA (Colby), MS (Duke), Physician Assistant.

Wendy M. Sansone, BA, RN (Villanova), MSN (Pennsylvania), Associate Director/Clinical Care Coordinator.

Laura Kelwick Wright, RN, AS (Maine–Augusta), Registered Nurse.


Seth J. Ramus, BA (California–Berkeley), MA, PhD (California–San Diego), Director of Health Professions Advising.


Tamara D. Spoerri, BS (Syracuse), Vice President of Human Resources.

Cynthia J. Bessmer, BS (Syracuse), Associate Director of Human Resources Services.

Mary C. Cote, Assistant Director of Benefits and Absence Management.

Meredith W. Haralson, BS (Delaware), Associate Director of Student Employment.

Brian Robinson, BA (Vermont), MBA (Southern Maine), Assistant Director of Employment & Staffing.

Leyza A. Toste, BS (Boston College), Associate Director of Human Resources.


Steven A. Blanc, AAS (Southern Maine Technical College), BS (Maine–Augusta), Interim Co-Head of Information Technology.

Abbie W. Brown, BA (Mount Holyoke), MS (Southern Maine), Interim Co-Head of Information Technology.

Eric R. Berube, BS, MS (Maine-Orono), IT Security Officer.

Andrew Biedrzycki, AAS (Southern Maine Community College), Senior AV and Multimedia Specialist and Event Producer.

Andre Birenzi, BA (Université du Lac Tanganyika, Burundi), Programmer/Analyst Trainee.

Brett A. Bisesti, BS (Bentley), MBA (Southern New Hampshire), Applications Programmer.

Craig M. Bowden, AAS (Southern Maine Community College), BS (Maine–Orono), Associate Network and Security Engineer.

Michael R. Bowden, AAS (Southern Maine Technical College), Systems Engineer III.

Jeffrey R. Doring, BA (Maine–Farmington), Director, Enterprise Software & Application Development.

Chelsea L. Doyle, BA (Bard), MA (Roehampton), Digital Community Manager, Digital and Social Media.

John F. Duggan, BS (Massachusetts), Applications Programmer.

Jonathan M. Farr-Weinfeld, BS (Maine), Technical Support Specialist II.

Bradley Flood, AA (Central Maine Technical College), Technical Support Specialist II.

Nathaniel D. Foster, BS (Husson), Audio Visual Technician & Video Engineer.

David Francis, BA (Indiana), Senior Interactive Developer & Assistant Director, Digital and Social Media.

Ryan Scot Gross, BA (Maine–Orono), BS (Maine–Augusta), Applications Programmer.

Juli G. Haugen, BS (New Hampshire), Technology Integration Specialist, Digital and Social Media.

Brian A. Horne, AS (Andover), BS, MBA (Husson), Associate Telecom and Networking Engineer.

Laura Jackson, BA (Oberlin), MA (Lesley), Senior Applications Programmer & Associate DBA.

Trevor A. Jennings, Associate Network Engineer.

Kyle Johnson, BS (New England School of Communication), Audio Visual and Multimedia Services Technician.

Ronald F. Kay, BA (Syracuse), Manager of Database Administration.

Susan T. Kellogg, BS (Southern Maine), Senior Applications Programmer.

Amy Iffland Kerr, BA (Georgetown), MS (Washington), Technology Training and Project Management Specialist.

Mary L. Labbe, AS, BS (Southern New Hampshire), Equipment Services Associate.

Jason R. Lavoie, BSEE (Maine), Director of Networking Infrastructure.

Melissa Lawless, AAS (Central Maine Community College), Technology Support Specialist II.

Mark R. Leaman, BA (Maine), Systems Administrator II.

Adam J. Lord, Director of Systems Architecture.

Thaddeus T. Macy, BA (Maine), Senior Software Engineer and Designer.

DJ Merrill, BA (Maine–Orono), MS (Central Florida), Director of High Performance Computing.

Sarah A. Morgan, BA (Colby), Technical Purchasing Manager.

Ned E. Osolin, BS (Southern Illiniois–Carbondale), Voice Technology Specialist.

Erik G. Pearson, BA (Southern Maine), Senior Software Engineer.

Jason M. Pelletier, AAS (Southern Maine Community College), AAS (Southern Maine Technical College), BS (Southern New Hampshire), Director of Client Services and Technology.

Michael J. Roux, BS (Southern Maine), Manager of Equipment Services.

Sherry F. Saxida, BS (Wheelock), Technical Support Specialist II.

Nick Schroeder, AA (California–Fountain Valley), AS (Southern Maine Community College), Network Technician.

Jason E. Scott, BA (New Hampshire), Systems Engineer III.

Jonathan M. Shaw, AAS (Central Maine Community College), Systems Administrator I.

Holly R. Sherburne, BS, MSc (Oregon State), Director of Digital and Social Media.

Suzann M. Stewart, BA (Westminster College), Manager of Voice and Mobile Technology.

Jason Talbot, BA (Southern Maine), Technology Support Specialist II.

Samuel A. Tarr, BA, MBA (Thomas College), Public Computing Services Associate.

Monika D. Ullian, BA (Macalester), Applications Programmer.

Jennifer Y. Wienckowski, AAS (Southern Maine Technical College), Executive Assistant to the CIO.


Christina M. Finneran, BS (Cornell), MA (SUNY–Buffalo), MSLIS, PhD (Syracuse), Vice President for Institutional Research, Analytics, & Consulting.

Margaret F. Allen, AB (Bowdoin), MLIS (South Carolina), Business Intelligence & Data Integrity Analyst.

Stephanie M. Foster, BA (Dartmouth), MBA (Duke), Assistant Director.

Stephen J. Papaccio, BA (Boston University), ETL Developer and Analyst.

Sharon L. Pedersen, AB (Harvard–Radcliffe), AM, PhD (Pennsylvania), Data Warehouse Architect.

Peter T. Wiley, BA (Wesleyan), EdM (Harvard), Director of Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing.


Christine R. Wintersteen, BA (Beloit), MA (New York University), Director of International Programs & Off-Campus Study.

Kate Myall, BA (Smith), Assistant Director.


Paula J. Volent, CFA, BA (New Hampshire), MA (New York University), MBA (Yale), Senior Vice President for Investments.

Ashley L. Conrad LaBreck, BA (Assumption), Associate for Reporting & Operations.

Heather A. Peters, BA (Dartmouth), Endowment Operations Officer.

Misha I. Rolfe, AA (Miami), Executive Assistant.

Sara A. Tennyson Orr, AB (Bowdoin), Associate Director of Private Equity.

Robert T. Welch, CFA, AB (Bowdoin), Associate Director of Research.

Zaiqing Zhu, BA (City University of Hong Kong), MBA (Yale), Research Analyst.


Sree Padma Holt, BA, MA, PhD (Andhra University), Administrative Director of the ISLE Program, Research Assistant Professor.

Hannah C. Durham, BA (Bard), Communications and Enrollment Manager.


Marjorie Hassen, BA (CUNY–Brooklyn), AM (Chicago), Director of the Bowdoin College Library.

Paul L. Benham, BS (Kingston), Academic Technology Consultant.

Joan Campbell, BA (Maine–Orono), MS in LIS (Simmons), Collections Librarian.

Meagan K. Doyle, Digital Archivist.

Karl Maria E. Fattig, BA, MLS (Alabama), MA (North Carolina–Chapel Hill), System & Digital Initiatives Librarian.

Aaron Hastings Gilbreath, BA (Texas–Austin), MA, PhD (Kansas), Statistical Consultant.

Carmen M. Greenlee, MS in LS (Simmons), Humanities and Media Librarian.

Anne B. Haas, AB (Ohio Wesleyan), MSLS (Florida State), Art Librarian.

Amy E. Heggie, BS (Vermont), Circulation and User Services Manager.

Elizabeth L. Hoppe, BS (Vermont), MSLIS (Simmons), Social Sciences Research & Instruction Librarian.

Stephen A. Houser, BS, MS (Southern Maine), Director of Academic Technology and Consulting.

David N. Israel, BA (Wisconsin–Madison), Senior Producer for Academic New Media.

Karen E. Jung, BME, BM, MM, MLS, (Indiana), Music Librarian and Coordinator of Research & Instructional Services.

Barbara J. Levergood, BA (California–San Diego), MSLS, PhD (North Carolina–Chapel Hill), PhD (Texas–Austin), Research and Instruction Librarian.

Mary V. Macul, BA (Mount Holyoke), MLIS (South Carolina), Catalog Librarian.

Michael O. McDermott, BA (Hawai'i), MLIS (Simmons), Digital Technology Integration Librarian.

Caroline P. Moseley, BS (Oregon State), MA (New York University), Archivist.

Sue A. O’Dell, BA (Arkansas), MLIS (Oklahoma), Science Librarian.

R. Carr Ross, BA (New Hampshire), MS in LS (Simmons), Web Technologies Librarian.

Roberta B. Schwartz, BA (Boston University), MS in LIS (Pratt), MS (Northeastern), Technical Services Librarian.

Jennifer K. Snow, AB (Bowdoin), MSLIS (Simmons), Educational Research Consultant.

Katherine A. Stefko, BA (Oberlin), MA (Texas–Austin), MSLIS (Simmons), Associate Librarian for Discovery, Digitization, and Special Collections, and Director of the George J. Mitchell Department of Special Collections & Archives.

Kevin Travers, BA (Southern Maine), Academic Multimedia Producer & Consultant.

Marieke V. Van Der Steenhoven, BA (Smith), MA (Southern Maine), Special Collections Education and Outreach Librarian.


Sarah A. Seames, BA (New England College), MA (Southern Maine), Director of the Joseph McKeen Center for the Common Good.

Sarah Chingos, BA (American), MEd (Harvard), Associate Director for Public Service.

Thomas Ancona, BA, MA (Chicago), Associate Director.

Matt Gee, BS (Bates), Assistant Director.

Andrew J. Lardie, BS (Reed), MS (Emory), Associate Director for Service and Leadership.


Benjamin G. Harris, BA (Elmhurst), MS (Illinois State), Director of the Student Center for Multicultural Life.


Anne C. Goodyear, AB (Brown), MA, PhD (Texas–Austin), Co-Director.

Frank H. Goodyear, AB (Princeton), MA, PhD (Texas–Austin), Co-Director.

Rebekah K. Beaulieu, BA (George Washington), MA (Wisconsin–Milwaukee), MA (Columbia), MA, PhD (Boston University), Associate Director.

Suzanne K. Bergeron, AB (Mount Holyoke), Assistant Director of Museum Communications.

Joachim Homann, MA, PhD (State Academy of Design, Karlsruhe), Curator.

Laura J. Latman, BA (Colby), Registrar and Collections Manager.

Jose L. Ribas, AB (Bowdoin), Technician/Preparator.

Ellen Y. Tani, BA (Dartmouth), PhD (Stanford), Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Curatorial Fellow.


D. Michael Woodruff, AB (Bowdoin), Director of the Outing Club and the Schwartz Outdoor Leadership Center.

Anna Elizabeth Bastidas, BS (Hamilton), Assistant Director.

Adam J. Berliner, AB (Bowdoin), Assistant Director.


Susan A. Kaplan, AB (Lake Forest), AM, PhD (Bryn Mawr), Director and Associate Professor of Anthropology.

Genevieve LeMoine, BA (Toronto), MA, PhD (Calgary), Curator/Registrar.

David R. Maschino, BFA (Alma), Exhibit Coordinator.

Michael Quigley, BA (Boston), Assistant Curator.


Clayton S. Rose, BA, MBA, (Chicago), MA, PhD (Pennsylvania), President of the College.

Jennifer Crosson, BA (New York University), Executive Assistant.

Emily Hricko, AB (Bowdoin), Executive Director, Cleaveland House.

Elizabeth D. Orlic, AB (Colby), Vice President and Special Assistant to the President & Secretary of the College.

H. Roy Partridge Jr., AB (Oberlin), MSW, MA, PhD (Michigan), MDiv (Harvard), Special Assistant to the President for Multicultural Affairs and Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology.


Martina M. Duncan, AB (Bowdoin), MA (Southern Maine), Registrar.

Julie C. Bedard, BS (Keene State), Associate Registrar.

Christopher C. Grover, BA (Saint Michael's), Assistant Registrar for Systems.

Cassaundra H. Lindberg, BA (Union), MEd (Vanderbilt), Assistant Registrar.


Eduardo Pazos Palma, BA (Boston Baptist), MA (Yale), Director of Religious and Spiritual Life.


Marie Ann Centeno, AB (Bowdoin), Assistant Director of Residential Life.

Meadow K. Davis, Associate Dean of Student Affairs and Director of Residential Life and Student Life.

Whitney S. Hogan, AB (Bowdoin), MPH (Minnesota), Director of Residential Education.

Lisa L. Rendall, AS (Westbrook), BS (Southern New Hampshire), Director of Housing Operations.

Christian van Loenen, BA (Colby), MSEd (Harvard), Assistant Director of Health Promotion and Education.


Randall T. Nichols, BS (Maine–Augusta), Director of Safety and Security.

Timothy J. Hanson, BA (Maine–Orono), Assistant Director for Security Operations.

David Profit, BS (Western New England), MA (Anna Maria), Associate Director of Safety and Security.


Rosemary Effiom, BS (Elizabeth City State), MA (SUNY–Stony Brook), Director of Special Academic Programs.


Cara H. Martin-Tetreault, BA (College of Charleston), Director of Sponsored Research.

Megan A. Stelzer, AB (Middlebury), Assistant Director for Grants.


Timothy W. Foster, AB (Dartmouth), MA (North Carolina–Chapel Hill), Dean of Student Affairs.

Allen W. Delong, BS (Maine), MEd (Vermont), PhD (Ohio State), Associate Dean of Student Affairs & Special Assistant to the Dean of Student Affairs.

Denise A. Shannon, BS (Kansas State), MBA (Southern New Hampshire), Executive Assistant to the Dean of Student Affairs.


Michael D. Bartini, BA (Westfield State), Director of Student Aid.

Andrea E. Cross, BEd (McGill), MS (Springfield), Senior Associate Director of Student Aid.

Kendra M. St. Gelais, BS (Maine), MS (Florida), Manager of Financial Aid Data Systems and Operations.

Laura Kay Gagnon, BA (Bates), Assistant Director of Financial Aid.

Stephanie M. Haines, BA (Grinnell), EdM (Harvard), Assistant Director of Financial Aid.


Cynthia M. Stocks, BA (Maine–Orono), Director of Student Fellowships & Research.


Nathan Hintze, BA (Iowa), Director of Student Activities and the David Saul Smith Union.

Silvia A. Serban, BA (Holy Cross), Associate Director of Student Activities.


Matthew P. Orlando, CFA, BA (Trinity), Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration & Treasurer.

Joseph Austin Anderson, Rental Housing Manager/Procurement Specialist.

Amy Dionne, BA (Franklin Pierce), Executive Assistant.

Catherine W. Ferdinand, BA (New Hampshire), Government Relations and Land Use Specialist.

Stephanie Foster, BA, MA (Thomas), Budget and Planning Analyst.

Megan A. Hart, BA (Middlebury), JD (Maine), Legal Officer and Assistant Secretary of the College.

James E. Kelley, BS (St. Joseph’s), Procurement and Risk Manager.

James D. Tatham, BS (Southern Maine), CPA, Associate Vice President for Finance and Assistant Treasurer.


Bridget D. Mullen, BA, MPhil (College of the Atlantic), Director.

Jesse Blackburn, BA (Maine–Machias), MS (Southern Maine), Academic Counselor.

Virginia J. Fowles Ward, BA (Colby), MSW (Smith), Assistant Director.