Faculty Seminar Series

Spring 2016

12:00 - 1:00 p.m., Main Lounge, Moulton Union
Open to Faculty and Staff
Subject to Change


Tues., Feb. 2  Nancy Riley (Sociology)
 “Making Sense of China's One Child Policy” 

Tues., Feb. 9  Emily Wanderer (Anthropology)
"Slaughterhouse, Fieldsite, Laboratory: The Place of Science in Invasive Species Eradication in Mexico"

Tues., Feb. 16  Clare Bates Congdon (Computer Science) 
“From Mario to MaineMed: Interdisciplinary Research in Machine Learning” 

Wed., Feb. 24  Christopher Chong (Mathematics) 
 “A Brief Introduction to the Theory of Waves: From Nature to Extreme Engineering”

Tues., March 1  David Gordon (History) 
 “The Redemption of Slaves and Pagans in Nineteenth-Century Congo: Tracing the Origins of Modern Humanitarianism”

Wed., March 9   Vladimir Douhovnikoff (Biology) 
 "Clonality and Acclimation: How to Get by as a Celibate Plant"
Tues., March 29   Jill Smith (German)
Inaugural Lecture, Osterweis Associate Professor of German
 "Flashbacks to Berlin: Representing Transgender Triumph and Trauma in Contemporary Visual Culture"

Wed., April 6
  Arielle Saiber (Romance Languages and Literatures)
"So Say We All: The Fiction of World Science Fiction" 
Tues., April 12  Brock Clarke (English) 
"Reading from his Novel in Progress: The Radical"

Wed., April 20  
Philip Camill (Environmental Studies and Earth and Oceanographic Science)   
 “Carbon Bomb or Dud? Evaluating the Likelihood of Terrestrial Soil Carbon Feedbacks in High-Latitude Systems on Global Climate”

Tues., April 26   Frances Gouda (Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies)
"Anne Frank and Sukarno as Icons of Dutch Historical Memory of World War II"

Wed., May 4   Christopher Heurlin (Government and Asian Studies) 
"Buying Stability: State Responses to Protests in China"