Faculty Seminar Series

Fall 2012

☼Tues., Sept. 18  Laura Henry (Government)
Inaugural Lecture, John F. and Dorothy H. Magee Professorship
“Green Dictators: Contentious Politics and International Forest
Certification in Russia”

Wed., Sept. 26  Danielle Dube (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
“Targeting Bacterial Pathogens Based on Their Sugar Coating”

☼Tues., Oct. 2 Kristin Ghodsee (Gender and Women’s Studies)
Inaugural Lecture, John S. Osterweis Professorship
“The Women in Red: State Socialist Women's Organizations Reconsidered”

Wed., Oct. 17 Megan Cook (English)
“Our Chaucer, Ourselves: John Leland and the Birth of English Literary History”

☼Tues., Oct. 23 Barbara Weiden Boyd (Classics)
“Odysseus on Madison Avenue”

Wed., Oct. 31 DeWitt John (Environmental Studies)
"A New Generation of Environmentalism"

☼Tues., Nov. 6   Nadia Celis (Romance Languages)
“Heterotopies of Desire: Bodies and Power in Mayra Santos-Febres”

Wed., Nov. 14  Robert Greenlee (Music)  and Nathaniel Wheelwright (Biology)
"Doves--They've got Rhythm!"

☼Tues., Nov. 27 Michael Kolster (Art)
“River of Shadows: Recent Conversations with Silver Salts and Ultraviolet Radiation”

 Wed., Dec. 5  Shu-chin Tsui  (Asian Studies)
"Inscribing the Body and Gendering the Canon: Women’s Art in
Contemporary China"

 Open to faculty and staff.  Subject to change.