Faculty Seminar Series

Fall 2018

12:00 - 1:00 p.m., Main Lounge, Moulton Union
Open to Faculty and Staff
Subject to Change

Tues., Sept. 4
Madeleine Msall (Physics)
“’Hello Siri. Change My Qbit.’ How Focused Acoustic Waves can Control Digital Switches for Quantum Computing.”

Wed., Sept. 12 George Lopez (Music)
“Da Vinci’s Machines, the Elusive “AHA” Moment and What It Has to Do with Piano Playing!”

Wed., Sept. 26 Nancy Riley (Sociology)
“Accommodations and Resistances: Chinese and Public Health in Hawai`i”

Tues., Oct. 2 Doris Santoro (Education)
"Demoralized: Why Teachers Leave the Profession They Love and How They Can Stay”

Tues., Oct. 16 Andrew Hamilton (German)
“Ten Paces, Two Shots: The Duel as Literary Device”

Wed., Oct. 24 Matthew Botsch (Economics)
"Job Separation Risk and Homeownership: Evidence from Assistant Professors."
Tues., Oct. 30 Barbara Elias (Government)
“The Persistent Problem of Local Partners in Counterinsurgency Wars: How to Coerce an Ally”

Wed., Nov. 7 Barry Logan (Biology)
“Forests in a Changing World, as Viewed from Near and Far”

Tues., Nov. 13 Henry Laurence (Government and Asian Studies)
"Public Broadcasting in the Age of Fake News."

Wed., Nov. 28 Meghan Roberts (History)
“Women on Fire: Medicine, Murder, and Spontaneous Human Combustion, 1725-1800”

Tues., Dec. 4 Crystal Hall (Digital and Comp Studies)
“Galileo and a Humanistic Imperative for Data Mining.”