Faculty Seminar Series

Fall 2017

12:00 - 1:00 p.m., Main Lounge, Moulton Union
Open to Faculty and Staff
Subject to Change


Wed., Sept. 6  Scott MacEachern (Anthropology)
“'Fast Science' and the Myth of African National IQ” 

Tues., Sept. 19  Amanda Redlich (Mathematics)
"Milk and Cookies: Randomness and Decision-making"

Wed., Sept. 27  Emma Maggie Solberg (English) 
"The Medieval Allegory of the Mystic Unicorn” 

Tues., Oct. 3  Nathaniel Wheelwright (Biology) 
The Naturalist's Notebook:  'Mostly a Matter of Being Attentive'”

Wed., Oct. 11  Erin Johnson (Visual Arts)
“Beyond Imagining: Nuclear War, Performing Destruction, and Queer Time”

Tues., Oct. 17   Leah Zuo (History and Asia Studies) 
"It's Okay to Cry: Male Tears in Twelfth-Century China"
Wed., Oct. 25   Aviva Briefel (English)
"The Things They Carried: The Object Lessons of Victorian Spiritualism"

Tues., Oct. 31  Mark Battle (Physics)
"Oxygen at Harvard Forest: Fourteen Years of Work, Nine Student Co-authors. . . All for One Number"
Wed., Nov. 8  Collin Roesler (Earth and Oceanographic Science)
"Ocean Ecology from Space"

Tues., Nov. 14  
Marcos Lopez (Sociology)   
 “La Gestión: Hidden Transcripts in the Public Acts of Indigenous Migrant Resistance”

Wed., Nov. 29  Andrew Rudalevige (Government)
"Bargaining with the Bureaucracy: Exploring the Boundaries of Presidential Unilateralism"