Human Research Forms

Human Research Forms:

Each research proposal submitted to the IRB shall consist of the following components:

  • Human Subject Protocol Application Form
  • Proposal, including detailed study plan
  • Informed Consent Template (sample text)
  • Copies of all instruments (e.g. questionnaires, surveys, interview scripts) to be used
  • Recruiting tools (e.g. letters, fliers, advertisements)
  • Evidence of completion of human subjects training for all PIs and faculty sponsor(s) listed.  (Choose "Social & Behavioral Research Investigators" module) 
    **Please note that faculty and students must show evidence that training has been completed in the past 3 years.  Applications will not be reviewed until updated training certificates are presented for all PIs and faculty sponsors listed, even if they have been previously submitted with another protocol**

Protocols cannot be reviewed until all application components listed above have been received.

*Researchers that are not affiliated with the College (off campus) require permission from the College prior to initiating their research.  Please contact Cara Martin-Tetreault, director of sponsored research for more information.

Please electronically submit forms to and send one original signed hard copy to IRB administrator Jean Harrison, 103 Edward Pols House.  Please be sure to include proof of training for all investigators and faculty sponsors with your application.

Other IRB forms:

* If your research is biomedical in nature (i.e., non-social science), please contact the IRB chair to find out how to modify the Human Subject Protocol Application form for your purposes.