Faculty Research Awards

Please read this section carefully as the Faculty Development Committee has implemented a number of changes to the application process. Some highlights of these changes include:

  • The maximum daily budget for lodging and meals has increased;
  • C.V.s are no longer limited to 5 pages;
  • Applications for conference travel do not need as extensive justification as a research proposal.

The Faculty Development Committee (FDC) awards funds to faculty for scholarly and artistic projects. Applications are reviewed in detail and applicants should demonstrate the rigor of their proposed project in a manner appropriate to their discipline.

Award Amount

A maximum of $4,000 may be awarded per application and faculty may receive up to a total of $8,000 in a given academic year from among the various funds awarded by the FDC, excluding leave support. In addition, faculty may not receive more than $8,000 for a single project over the life of that project.

Applicants may seek retroactive funding for expenses incurred over the previous twelve-month period.


Grant recipients must be benefits-eligible members of the Bowdoin faculty during the time in which the funds are used or expenses are incurred. Faculty members terminating their service at Bowdoin who have received awards from the Committee will not be eligible to draw from their grant accounts for expenditures incurred or for work intended to be done after the completion of the final semester of their service at Bowdoin.

Faculty who are Ph.D. candidates are eligible for Committee awards; however, funds may not be used to cover expenses associated with completing a dissertation.

How to Apply

Faculty Research Awards -Types of Expenses Funded

Reporting Requirement

Faculty members receiving Faculty Research Awards are expected to report briefly on the uses to which the grant was put and to describe the scholarly or artistic work resulting from the grant. These reports should be submitted as part of the Professional Activites form submitted to the Dean for Academic Affairs in the Spring.

Open Access

Unless the applicant requests otherwise in writing, any successful proposal will be available for consultation by other faculty members.