Guidelines for Scheduling a Lecture

  1. Identify total funds available and develop a budget.
  2. Identify a speaker.
  3. Check preferred dates with College host of event (President, Dean, Department Chair).
  4. Determine related events (i.e. reception, dinner, class attendance, etc.).
  5. Invite speaker; confirm date and program; notify College host and Office of Donor Relations.
  6. Obtain from speaker for publicity, etc. - c.v. or bio, photography for use on poster, title of lecture, preference for podium or lapel microphone, AV needs, books to sell (arrange through Bookstore), home address and social security number (for honorarium). Also obtain signed media release form available from the Events Office.
  7. Book needed space(s) through Events Office - notify of set-up, AV needs, web listing.
  8. Book accommodations for speaker (all travel and other expenses are reimbursed afterwards - the speaker should issue receipts).
  9. Arrange publicity through Communications Office - allow 4 weeks notice to produce poster; minimum of 2 weeks for media releases.
  10. Special mailings to colleagues, etc. should be done by the sponsoring department.
  11. One to two weeks before - request honorarium check; finalize all details; put up posters on and off campus; provide host with briefing note and introductory materials; final confirmation with speaker.

Questions about the process may be answered by the Office of Donor Relations or the Events Office.