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Course Enrichment Fund

Funds are available through the office of the Dean for Academic Affairs to support activities that enrich existing courses and will involve all students in a class. Examples of the sort of activities we envision include the publication of a collection of student papers, travel to a museum or other field trip, or an overnight seminar at a local retreat center. These funds are not intended to pay for materials for course projects nor for visits of outside speakers.

Preference will be given to initiatives and activities for which there is not already support in departmental budgets or endowed funds. If initiatives are successful and are to be regularly repeated, continued funding should be requested as part of the departmental/program budget process. Under normal circumstances this fund will support an activity no more than two times.


Applications will be accepted at any time, but earlier requests are more likely to be funded than later ones because the funds are limited.

We expect to respond to requests within one week of receipt.

Funding limits

Normally these requests should not exceed $600; we anticipate that most requests will be smaller.

Application procedure

Please send by email to the Dean for Academic Affairs Office:

  • a brief description of the proposed activity and how it contributes to the course, including the name of the course and class size (actual or anticipated). Please indicate whether this is a new activity and if not, how it was previously funded;
  • a detailed budget;
  • a brief explanation why other sources of funding (for example, department budgets) are not available;

If you have questions, please contact Kathi Lucas(klucas@bowdoin.edu).