Course Development Awards

The Faculty Development Committee awards grants that support projects leading to new course development and the enrichment of existing courses. A preference exists for projects that have ongoing value; however, one-time course additions with significant impacts will also be considered. Grants from this fund have supported research in relation to teaching and have paid for a variety of different types of expenses. These expenses include travel, costs for meals and lodging (up to $300 per day for food and lodging). They also include visits to libraries, visits to meet with scholars with a specific expertise or programs at other institutions, the purchase or duplication of primary materials, and the purchase other instructional aids. Course Development Awards are not meant to be used for the purchase of capital equipment including cameras, iPads, etc. For similar reasons, awards cannot be used to support undergraduate tutoring programs.

The applicant should first check with his or her department about the availability of resources allotted directly to the department or through department funds for the purchase of materials, and should discuss such efforts in the proposal. Materials purchased through the grant become the property of the College unless other arrangements are made and authorized by the Committee, with the following exception. The purchase of books, dvd's, etc., that would become the property of the applicant should be justified in terms of the project and should normally not exceed ten percent of the total funds requested.

Award limit: $4,000

Deadlines for submission are: October 17, 2017; January 23, 2018 and April 17, 2018. Applications submitted after 11:59 pm on the deadline day will not be accepted. Retroactive proposals will be considered if funding permits.

A maximum of $4,000 may be awarded per application and faculty may receive up to a total of $8,000 in a given academic year from among the various funds awarded by the FDC, excluding leave support.


Grant recipients must be benefits-eligible members of the Bowdoin faculty during the time in which the funds are used or expenses are incurred. Faculty members terminating their service at Bowdoin who have received awards from the Committee will not be eligible to draw from their grant accounts for expenditures incurred or for work intended to be done after the completion of the final semester of their service at Bowdoin. In addition, faculty in their final year of appointment may apply for funding for travel or other activities that will be completed by May 31 of that final year.

Faculty who are Ph.D. candidates are eligible for Committee awards; however, funds may not be used to cover expenses associated with completing a dissertation.

Because postdoctoral fellows receive research funding as part of their positions, fellows with one-year appointments are not eligible to apply for FDC research awards. Postdocs whose appointments are extended beyond the first year, however, may apply for funding beginning with the final application round in the spring of the first year of appointment.

Application Procedure

What to submit

A complete application should include:

  1. Title of project and name of applicant.
  2. A brief description (no more than two pages single-spaced) of the course(s) to be enriched or developed and the process by which this will be accomplished, the place of these courses in the existing curriculum, and when they will be offered.
  3. A statement that includes the dates and amounts of any previous course development awards and the results obtained.
  4. A budget, as detailed as possible. Please round off figures to the nearest $10 when submitting your budget.
  5. An endorsement of the application by the department chair. In the endorsement, the chair should address briefly the value of the proposed project to the faculty member's course(s) and to the curricular offerings of the department.

How to submit

All applications should be submitted electronically on or before the deadline to Applications must be submitted in one PDF document; any other electronic format will not be accepted. For assistance in creating PDF documents, please contact the IT Help Desk. Electronic applications will be distributed to the members of the Faculty Development Committee. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.