Leaves of Absence (medical, family)

The following is the official policy text from the 2009-10 Bowdoin Faculty Handbook

G. Leaves of Absence for Illness and Disability, or Meeting Familial Responsibilities

  1. The sick leave policy of the College for faculty allows reasonable flexibility. The College reserves the right to require evidence of illness or disability from a licensed physician.

  1. During the first year of appointment, a member of the Faculty unable to work because of illness or disability (including childbirth) is entitled to paid sick leave as needed up to a maximum of thirty (30) days; after one year of service, up to six (6) months, as medically necessary.
  2. A faculty member may take a Family Leave for up to twelve (12) weeks to care for a parent, spouse or child in need. Family leave is without pay, but the College will continue to pay its usual contributions to fringe benefits.

    Faculty members should refer to the Employee Handbook (available from Human Resources) for full details of the College’s sick leave policy. Section H, below, describes specific provisions for ongoing members of the Faculty.

  1. Arrangements for meeting teaching and other college responsibilities during a leave of absence should be made as far in advance as possible; the Dean for Academic Affairs, in consultation with the department chair and the faculty member concerned, will make appropriate arrangements to ensure course continuity under the particular circumstances of the leave.