Faculty Flexibility

Bowdoin Recognized As Top College For Faculty CareersBowdoin Recognized As Top College For Faculty Careers. Bowdoin's innovative approaches for supporting faculty career flexibility have been recognized as among the most groundbreaking practices at liberal arts colleges in the nation.

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Bowdoin Recognized As Top College For Faculty CareersThe College recently was awarded a prestigious 2009 Alfred P. Sloan Award for Faculty Career Flexibility, sponsored by the American Council on Education. The award recognizes baccalaureate colleges for their leadership in developing best practices to recruit and retain tenured and tenure-track faculty throughout their careers.

Bowdoin was one of only eight liberal arts colleges and universities in the nation to receive the $200,000 award.

"The whole College community can be very proud of this award," noted Bowdoin Dean for Academic Affairs Cristle Collins Judd. "Many committees and individuals have worked hard to develop career-flexibility policies that offer broad support for faculty in balancing their scholarly careers with personal and family lives.

“These changes are critical for helping us maintain institutional excellence and academic competitiveness in a global market. As a result, Bowdoin has been able to attract a diverse community of scholars and artists that is among the most vibrant among liberal arts colleges today.”