Tenure and Promotion

Department and/or review committee chairs and who will be responsible for tenure reviews in their departments or programs are directed to consult the relevant sections related to the process for tenure reviews in the Faculty Handbook. In addition, all chairs will be provided with a detailed procedures memo in early March at the start of the tenure review process. Chairs are encouraged to meet with the Dean at any time with questions related to process.

Deadlines of note:
The first deadline for chairs is May 1st, when the departmental/review committee list of potential external reviewers is due in the dean’s office (candidates submit their lists by April 15). Chairs and members of the review committee will have access to the external reviewer recommendations beginning September 15.

Candidates are to submit their dossiers to the department/review committee by September 15.

Chairs are to submit to the Dean the names of three present or former Bowdoin colleagues (outside of the candidate’s department or program) on or before September 15.

The department/review committee’s written evaluation (along with all review materials) will be submitted to the Dean by 3:00 p.m. October 15. Any dissenting opinions that are submitted are delivered to the Dean by the review committee chair at the same time as the department/review committee’s recommendation.

A copy of the department/review committee’s recommendation, and any dissenting opinion, are to be given by the review committee chair to the tenure candidate at the same time.