Department Chairs and Program Directors Responsibilities

Manage, mentor and support faculty and staff


  • Conduct faculty searches
  • Oversee reappointment, tenure, and promotion reviews
  • Mediate conflicts among peers
  • Mediate student complaints about faculty performance (including grade disputes)
  • Coordinate mentoring of new faculty members
  • Manage transition to new chairs

Academic support staff/departmental staff

  • Direct hiring of new staff
  • Coordinate and supervise work schedule
  • Review performance annually

Coordinate departmental curriculum

  • Courses offered (new courses, courses to be withdrawn, first-year seminars, cross-listed courses, etc.); liaison with Curriculum Implementation Committee
  • Course scheduling
  • Check and revise annual catalog copy
  • Off-campus study and transfer of credit
  • Outside speakers
  • Annual department report

Coordinate student advising

  • Supervise advising of majors and minors
  • Approve requests for transfer credit and credit for off-campus study
  • Administer advanced placement credit
  • Sponsor and advise student groups

Determine equipment and space needs; oversee building management, renovation, maintenance, security

Manage department accounts and oversee expenditures; prepare annual budget

Serve as contact with Admissions Office

  • Interviews with prospective students
  • Represent department at Bowdoin Experience weekends
  • Evaluate applicants’ work where appropriate

Serve as contact with Development Office

  • Help with fund-raising – public presentations, speaking and grant-writing

Beyond Bowdoin

  • Act as point person for all outside requests for help and expertise
  • Respond to surveys
  • Act as liaison with State agencies