Employee IDs

All regular full-time and part-time employees should visit the OneCard Office in Coles Tower to receive a Bowdoin College identification card. To obtain an identification card, new employees need an employee identification number available from Human Resources. The OneCard Office cannot issue identification cards before an employee's official start date or term of appointment begins. Identification cards are required to access many academic and administrative buildings on campus. Many individual offices and classrooms also are equipped for card access. Cards also may be used for privileges such as borrowing books from the College libraries, use of the athletic facilities, and if enrolled, Polar Plus purchases. Employees are required to return identification cards and any other College property to their supervisor, departmental coordinator, or the OneCard Office when they leave College employment.

Employees should not lend their identification cards to others. Lost or stolen cards should be reported immediately to Security or the OneCard Office. A card can be re-issued for a $15.00 fee, payable via Polar Plus, cash, or check. Broken or malfunctioning cards may be exchanged for a free replacement.