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The Bowdoin Quad

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The Bowdoin Quadrangle

 President Greason wrote in the prologue of The Architecture of Bowdoin College:

"...To walk through the Bowdoin campus is to walk through the history of American architecture. The Federal period, the Greek Revival, the Gothic Revival, the Victorian and the modern – all are to be found here. Each age has left its imprint, and today the buildings of Bowdoin stand as a record of the changing tastes of our forebears. The student, who President Hyde hoped would learn 'to count Art an intimate friend,' lives daily with that opportunity. This very campus is a part of a liberal arts experience at Bowdoin."

And in the same book, our former Museum of Art Director Katharine Watson and Earle Shettleworth, the director of the Maine Historic Preservation Commission, wrote:

"...The campus of Bowdoin College, especially the central quadrangle, is one of the most beautiful in America. That beauty has evolved from an interweaving of natural site, and architecture with tradition. But the splendor of the architecture remains largely unsung, so familiar are the buildings to those who use them. They have served most often as a quiet backdrop to the human events of the College's history."

We are the stewards of a remarkably important place, and much of what we do today is in recognition of our responsibility to preserve, maintain, and enhance this important campus that serves in so many respects as the binding force that keeps generations of Bowdoin people connected passionately to this College.