First Year Residences


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First Year Residence

All dorms are wireless.

All dorm rooms come fully furnished.

First years either live in two room doubles or three room quads (two bedrooms and a common room).

Each floor of every first year dorm has an upperclassman Proctor and a proctor groups help students to transition to college.

Proctors organize activities and dinners for the floor.

First year dorms are coed by room and each floor has both a men’s and woman’s bathroom.

Laundry facilities at each dorm.

First Year Residences

These red brick dorms line the Quad and provide housing for the first year class; they are split into two room triples. All of the first year dorms are co-ed, but there are opportunities to live both in dorms that have single sex floors or co-ed floors—the bathrooms are single sex regardless. There is also a proctor on every floor; this is an upper class student who has undergone residential life training and is prepared to help first year students when they have questions about classes, professors, or any kind of problems that they may encounter adjusting to college. Every first year dorm has a common room for students, which is a space equipped with a television, DVD, couches and tables. It is a space designed for students in the dorm to congregate and relax.

There are 8 freshman bricks. Two are only two years old while the other 6 have all been renovated in the past year.

Each first year dorm is affiliated with one of the 8 college houses. An all inclusive program where everyone feels a part of a club right from the start. College houses help bring students together around organized events such as dinners at the house, professor lectures, ice cream socials and dance parties.

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