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Ejercicios de español en la red digital
Web Interactive Spanish Grammar Exercises

Mostly for intermediate or advanced levels
See list in the order of Spanish Tools online grammar book

Spelling and Pronunciation
accents, capitalization,
spelling and pronunciation rules
Nouns and Articles
gender, number,
agreement with articles
agreement with nouns, indefinite,
demonstratives, possessives
subject, object, prepositional
reflexive, interrogative, relative
formation, frequency,
comparative, superlative, negative
personal "a"
por vs. para, other
Specific Verbs
tener, ser, estar, saber, conocer, haber, pedir, preguntar;
reflexive, verbs like gustar
Verb Forms
all verb tenses,
gerund, infinitive, past participle,
passive voice, if-clauses
Expressions and Vocabulary
pero vs. sino, numbers, both, all, each, nationalities, capitals, weather, hace+time expressions
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